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How Well Do You Know: The Simpsons: Bart Gets Famous
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Homer is reading the newspaper at the breakfast table. What does his horoscope say?
Today will be a day like every other day.
You've been working hard lately, so for a change take things easy.
You seem to be the only person who truly understands the reasons behind a family problem, and the only person who can solve it.
It gets worse and worse for you.
Lisa imagines writing her memoirs, including the times she cured all disease, ended war and what?
discovered a way to talk with our animal friends
solved the mystery of Smuggler's Cove
reunited the cast of The Facts of Life
became the first American to play a saxophone in space
And now, Principal Skinner will tell us where we'll be going on this year's field trip.
nursing home
community theater
box factory
On the way to the box factory, the school bus goes past all of the following exciting field trip destinations, except for:
a hang-gliding school
a slide factory
Toy Town
a fireworks testing range
Many interesting and important things have been put into boxes over the years: textiles, other boxes, even children's candy. But what are the boxes made in this box factory used for shipping?
bottle caps
And where are the boxes made at the box factory assembled?
Flint, Michigan
Gary, Indiana
Akron, Ohio
Lubbock, Texas
Unsurprisingly, Bart sneaks away from the box factory to the TV studio next door where they film Krusty the Klown and other fun shows. Bart gets an in with Krusty by stealing him Kent Brockman's...
Bart gets a job working for Krusty, but finds that show-business isn't that glamorous as he is asked to do all of the following except:
sign Krusty's autographed pictures
put his fingerprints on a candlestick
follow Mr Teeny with a dustpan and broom
clean out Krusty's toilet
After a few days of abuse, Krusty needs to use Bart in a sketch. What is Bart's line before he gets pelted with pies?
"Honey, I'm home!"
"I am waiting for a bus."
"I've got a bad feeling about this."
"Oh my stars, I am late."
Bart's ruining of the comedy sketch results in a new catch-phrase, "I didn't do it". Who do we not see use the catch-phrase?
Apu, after pressing the burglar alarm during a robbery
Mr Burns, after releasing the hounds on a just-fired Lenny
Patty and Selma, smoking outside a fire in their apartment complex
Mayor Quimby, caught cheating by his wife
Bart has a biography come out. The last two chapters are excerpts from the Oliver North trial, and most of the rest is about:
Ralph Nader
Jane Fonda
Ross Perot
Bill Cosby
Lisa would like to become famous for something worthwhile, and not some obnoxious fad. But Homer reassures Bart that's what they said about...
Boy Meets World
Bart is getting tired of the "I Didn't Do It" bit, and imagines himself appearing on Match Game 2034 with all of the following except:
Billy Crystal
Loni Anderson
Corey Feldman
Spike Lee
Bart decides to keep going with the "I didn't do it" line, but the audience is tired of it. In desperation, he tries a new line:
flabber flobber
woozle wuzzle
derple dongle
crappity crap crap
Lisa reassures Bart: "And now you can go back to just being you, instead of a one-dimensional character with a silly catch-phrase." What catch-phrase is not one of the responses?
Ay caramba!
Ha ha!

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