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How Well Do You Know: The Simpsons: Bart's Inner Child
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Homer is looking through the "For Free" section of the Springfield Shopper. What ad catches his attention?
Free Iodine
Free Trampoline
Free Bibles
Free Crop-Duster
The trampoline is being given away by Krusty, who used to do a lot of tumbling in his act. But he's phasing it out in favour of:
dirty limericks
cross-dressing skits
bathroom humour
jokes about his fat ugly cruel wife
Homer has big plans for Homerland (admission: $50), including all of the following except
Trampoline World
Refrigerator Zone
Fort Adventure
Muckville USA
After many small children are injured, Homer decides to get rid of the trampoline. What is Bart's plan?
dump it off a cliff
toss it into the Flanders yard
a circular saw and a witty catchphrase
attach a bike lock to it
Homer challenges Marge to name one fun thing she has done in the past month. Marge's reply?
"I went into a pet store"
"I took Maggie to the park"
"I made sloppy Joes"
"I went shoe shopping with Lisa"
Patty and Selma introduce Marge to self-help guru Brad Goodman, who can help her deal with every personality disorder in the Feel-Bad Rainbow, which includes all of the following except:
obsessive cleanliness
geriatric profanity disorder
Homer and Marge attend a self-help seminar hosted by Brad Goodman. What's troubling Lenny?
he can't commit to a relationship
nobody ever listens to him
his entire life is a lie
he's always interrupting people
Brad Goodman encourages everyone in the audience to listen to their inner child. What does Moe's inner child say?
"Hey, Moe, what's-a-matter? You no talka with you accent no more."
"I wuv you Mr Cuddlewumps. Yes I do! Yes I dooo!"
"What are you looking at? Keep staring and I'll cut you, I'll cut you good!"
"Take the whole bottle of pills when you get home. And this time, don't call 911!"
Bart demonstrates that he does whatever he feels like, and Brad Goodman says there's a lot we can all learn from this young man...
Instead of giving his usual boring old sermon, Reverend Lovejoy decides to take a page from the book of Bart by:
reading a chapter from "The Shining"
wearing his baseball cap backwards and giving an impromptu rap
playing "The Entertainer" on the church organ
using the collection plate money to play Bingo
Everyone in town is acting like Bart, and Bart thinks it sucks. Lisa suggests he develop a new identity:
good-natured doormat
nervous yes-man
by-the-book rule-follower
obedient lackey
Smithers finally tells Burns that he loves him... in those colours. Who was he kidding? The _________ was the time.
botanical gardens
skating rink
At the "Do What You Feel" Fair, Patty and Selma ride a horse, naked. Who takes a picture?
Rainier Wolfcastle
Captain McAllister
The fair turns into a disaster, and Bart is blamed by the mob. He and Homer make their escape in:
a float
a donkey cart
a dodgem car
a Go-Kart
The Simpsons recover at home after a hectic day. What eases Homer's pain?
spiritual discovery
lying on the couch
sweet liquor

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