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How Well Do You Know: The Simpsons: Rosebud
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What was Mr Burns' childhood nickname?
About 100 years later in the present, Mr Burns is dreaming mournfully about Bobo, his lost teddy bear. But he explains to Smithers that he was dreaming about:
Dodo - that last one ever was delicious
Hobo - that one he crippled. What a wonderful dream!
Lobo - they should never have cancelled that show
Robocop - exactly what our criminal justice system needs
Burns wants Simpson to perform comedy at his upcoming birthday party. Homer's delightful impression of Burns involves:
trying to lift a paper cup and failing
the phrase "Heeellooooo. My name is Meeester Buuurns, and IIIIII am a stuuuuupidhead"
pulling down his pants to reveal a frowny face drawn on his butt
firing Lenny
After the Ramones tell everyone that "this gig sucks" and that Mr Burns should "Go to hell you old bastard", who does Burns order killed?
Bon Jovi
the Rolling Stones
Def Leppard
Smithers has arranged for the people of which country to join hands and spell Burns' name with candles?
Distraught, Homer declares he'll never wiggle his bare butt in public again, but then says he'll have it ready for:
when the Isotopes make the playoffs
the Flanders' barbecue
Aunt Selma's birthday
parent-teacher night
Smithers tries to make Mr Burns feel better by listing some of the wonderful things he owns, but not:
King Arthur's Excalibur
Liberace's bones
the only existing nude photo of Mark Twain
the first draft of the constitution with the word "suckers" in it
Mr Burns' bear Bobo has been through some interesting times over the last 80-odd years, including encounters with all of the following except:
Charles Lindbergh
Edmund Hillary
USS Nautilus
Adolf Hitler
When Homer discovers that Bobo is Maggie's new bear, he declares that Mr Burns won't get him back cheap. Burns will have to buy Homer his own:
football team
recording studio
Burns and Smithers attempt to steal Bobo from the Simpson residence, but they are thwarted when Homer gets up in the night to eat:
frozen waffles
cans of cocktail weiners
Lucky Charms marshmallows
64 slices of American cheese
What triggers the bullies to beat up Martin Prince?
He found the first snapdragon of the season
He corrected their pronunciation
He was carrying a box of delicious cookies
He's Martin Prince
Homer refuses to give up the bear to Mr. Burns, so he is ordered to report to much worse duty that involves being whipped while pushing a gear that makes what rotate?
Mr Burns' coffee grinder
the Kwik-E-Mart hot dog machine
the cafeteria cupcake display
the machine that whips him
What does the mob decide to do when they realise they've given the word 'mob' a bad name?
make soup for the homeless
find some old lady carrying groceries
sign up to be organ donors
sing at the hospital
Mr Burns is touchingly reunited with Bobo, and from now on decides he is going to be good and kind to everyone. But...
He has his fingers crossed
It doesn't count if it's said to a baby
Smithers doesn't have a pencil
Only if it gets him what he wants
Fast forward a million years, and Smithers' head is being kept alive on the body of a robot:

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