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How Well Do You Know: 2014 Movie Posters, Part I
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1. Should we start off with an easy one? OK. What number will you find on this poster?

21 1/2
By way of explanation.....

2. Kevin Hart apparently has many, many regrets in this poster for:

About Last Night
Ride Along
Think Like a Man Too
That Awkward Feeling
By way of explanation.....

3. Any chance you can remember which 2014 movie deals with (an apparently partially pixelated) Dr. Will Caster?

Yes, it was Sex Tape
Why, was Maze Runner
Of course! Edge of Tomorrow
You betcha, it was Transcendence
By way of explanation.....

4. Pictured here are just some of the people caught up in the wacky, wacky world of:

Veronica Mars
By way of explanation.....

5. Oooh, spooky face! You'll find this on a poster for the sequel to.....

A Haunted House
The Conjuring
Captain America
By way of explanation.....

6. Stupid printer ran out of toner just as they were going to finish the poster for:

Draft Day
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
3 Days to Kill
The Signal
By way of explanation.....

7. Zac Effron and his kitty look downright starled on the one-sheet for this 2014 offering:

Mr. Peabody and Sherman
That Awkward Feeling
By way of explanation.....

8. Hey, you know this dude. It's totally this title character in which 2014 flick?

Son of God
Cesar Chavez
By way of explanation.....

9. Dig the beckoning green peepers for this Dame to Kill For on the Sin City 2 poster:

Jessica Alba
Lady Gaga
Juno Temple
Eva Green
By way of explanation.....

10. Telling you this is from the French poster for Sabotage probably won't help you figure out who is behind Mr. Smiley. You either know or you don't that this movie tough-guy is the star of the film:

Sylvester Stallone
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Matt Damon
Liam Neeson
By way of explanation.....

11. Featured prominently on a 2014 poster, these are the eyes of a:

Guardian of the Galaxy
By way of explanation.....

12. I love bucolic settings. This sampling of a movie poster sets the scene for which movie?

The Hundred-Foot Journey
Vampire Academy
The Other Woman
Winter's Tale
By way of explanation.....

13. The lesson here is apparently: always run *directly* toward the fiery tornado. This moment of learning brought to you by:

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones
Into the Storm
By way of explanation.....

14. OK, so who exactly is immortal here?

By way of explanation.....

15. Drew seems to be implying that it's Adam's fault that this godawful mess was ever made and inflicted on the moviegoing public:

The Quiet Ones
Walk of Shame
By way of explanation.....

16. If you have your movie poster smarts about you, you know that this fellow is known as:

The November Man
The Giver
The Winter Soldier
The Equalizer
By way of explanation.....

17. Having seen Bad Words would help you immensely in identifying the movie's star, whose face is up front and center on the film's poster:

Seth Rogen
Jason Bateman
Jason Sudekis
Chris Pine
By way of explanation.....

18. This unfriendly furry fellow is glaring at you from a movie poster, waiting for you to pick which of the following words you'll find on it:

By way of explanation.....

19. Well, great. No amount of Murphy's Oil Soap is gonna get those damned scratches out of that floor.

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones
The Quiet Ones
Deliver Us from Evil
Devil's Due
By way of explanation.....

20. And finally, this: which actor is holding the gun here?

Dwayne Johnson
Pierce Brosnan
Chris Pine
Aaron Paul
By way of explanation.....


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