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How Well Do You Know: 2014: The Year in Celebrity, Entertainment and Pop Culture, Part 1
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1. And it came to pass that a second Sharknado film was unleashed onto the public by the Syfy network. Please, identify the subtitle of the second Sharknado film:
Son of Sharknado
Cloudy with a Chance of Sharknado
The Second One
2. Television announcing legend Don Pardo passed away in August at the age of 96. What show did he lend his distinctive voice to for 39 years?

3. Dance, monkeys, dance! This online dating site admitted that it purposefully manipulated or truncated select user data, in order to study the effects of such changes on potential matches:
4. The May fracas between Solange Knowles and Jay Z - which pop culture experts erroneously guaranteed us would herald the swift end of the Beyonce/Jay Z marriage - occurred in/on a/n:
Luxury yacht
Miami nightclub parking lot
Corn field
5. People were mad, mad, mad at some guy named Arthur Chu and the tactics he used to "ruin" this much-loved game show:

6. If you spit your gum out at Zach Galifianakis during a mock-cantankerous appearance on Between Two Ferns, you have an awful lot in common with this Hollywood bigshot:
Matt Damon
Christian Bale
Seth Rogen
Brad Pitt
7. I don't think of myself as Beer Commercial Babe hot - ya know? I mean I'm hot, but like....approachable hot This actress starred in a pretty great non-Super Bowl ad for Newcastle Brown Ale:
Kaley Cuoco
Anna Kendrick
Kat Dennings
Mindy Kaling
By way of explanation.....
Ha! Hahahahahaha
8. Much less fun was the late-summer celebrity nude photo leak. Which of the following was not among those exploited when Apple's cloud storage was hacked?
Kate Upton
Jennifer Lawrence
Carrie Underwood
Kaley Cuoco
9. In November, the highly cerebral Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce became this network's first scripted television show:
10. Defying experts who thought he would be a bachelor forever, George Clooney went and got himself married. The lovely and accomplished woman that wed George is named:
11. It was Matthew McConaughey's really big year. Of the Oscar for Lead Actor and the Emmy for Lead Actor did the smoooooth-talking Texan win?
The Emmy
The Oscar
Neither, so forget what we said about him having a really big year
12. Revisiting its schlocky reality dating roots, Fox launched a new series "I Want to Marry Harry" about ladies being courted by a dude pretending to be _____.
Prince Harry
Daniel Radcliffe
Harrry Hamlin
13. Reclusive artist Bill Watterson, best known for this beloved comic, secretly drew several panels of Pearls Before Swine in June:
Calvin and Hobbes
Bloom County
Rose Is Rose
Family Circus
14. TV fanatics, rejoice! Your ability to pinpoint your favorite moments from this show will soon become easier. FFX announced plans for a searchable archive spanning the influential, quotable show's 552 episodes.
The Simpsons
How I Met Your Mother
Monday Night Football
15. Hi, I was arrested for causing a disturbance during a Broadway performance of Cabaret, shortly after chasing a man hysterically through Times Square. I am the pop culture oddity known as:
Lindsay Lohan
Justin Bieber
Shia LaBeouf
Amanda Bynes
16. Notoriously addictive and difficult game Flappy Birds was pulled from app stores in February, sparking worldwide (we assume) outrage. The game was pulled for this unusual reason:
It violated international law
It caused epileptic seizures in a small number of players
Its creator voluntarily removed it from further purchase
Its creator was fired from Apple
17. Banzinga! cried the fans of this network series, upon the return of their show after its stars struck (its three leads nearly tripling their salaries in the process):

18. This is a list:

The list is purportedly some of the people a particular famous woman had sex with. Whose sex list are we looking at here?
Amanda Seyfried
Amanda Bynes
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Lindsay Lohan
19. Tackling serious subjects like net neutrality LGBT rights in Uganda and an more playful topics like space sex geckos and Scottish Independence Unicorns, Last Week Tonight was a terrific addition to the TV landscape in 2014. Name the host of Last Week Tonight:
Mike Judge
John Oliver
Louis CK
John Mullaney
20. Jenny McCarthy's very long and strange journey through celebritydom continued in August with her marriage to one of the brothers of this showbiz family:
21. Marvel made headlines in July with the announcement that the mantle of _____ would now be carried on as a new female character in the comic books.
Captain America
Professor X
22. With the titular parent of How I Met Your Mother unveiled, the March series finale finally gave viewers how it turned out for her and Ted. Who played the mother?
Sarah Chalke
Jennifer Morrison
Cristin Milioti
Alice Eve
23. Not among this superhero actor's abilities is the ability to avoid casino surveillance. Which of the following was banned from the Hard Rock for counting cards?
Tobey Maguire
Robert Downey, Jr.
Chris Hemsworth
Ben Affleck
24. Charmed by it, annoyed by it, charmed and then annoyed by it, there was no escaping the Ice Bucket Challenge this summer. There was no denying the success of the monster viral phenomenon, which was staged to benefit this charity:
American Cancer Society
American Heart Association
ALS Association
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
25. Finally, this type of "uncoupling" spelled doom for the marriage of Gwyneth Paltrow and lead Coldplayer Chris Martin:

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