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How Well Do You Know: Man on Fire
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1. Where is John Creasy headed in the beginning of the film?
Mexico City
2. Samuel Ramos is very impressed with Creasy's extensive resume. What does Creasy admit to being one of his major issues?
He's anti-social
His temper
3. What was Creasy actually trained to do?
FBI profiler
Secret Service
FBI agent
4. Pita comments to her mother that Creasy is very sad... in fact, he is a big, sad ____.
5. What song does Creasy identify with and becomes his theme and go-to song?
Linda Ronstadt - Blue Bayou
Carly Simon - Coming Around Again
Crystal Gayle - Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue
Patsy Cline - Walkin' After Midnight
6. Creasy gets into a little spat with Pita in the car. What was Creasy so mad about?
Pita turning the radio up real loud
Pita sticking her head out the window
Pita sitting up front in the car
Pita asking him personal questions
7. Alone in his bedroom, Creasy is constantly fidgeting with his gun. What does he do with it, over and over again?
Completely load and unload it
Pop a bullet out of the chamber
Clean it
Twirl it
8. Pita's father forces her to play the piano, but her real passion is what?
9. Creasy helps Pita with her swimming. What is Pita afraid of?
Starting pistol
Getting water in her nose
The other swimmers
10. What pendant does Pita give to Creasy as a gift?
Saint Jude
Saint Rita
Mother Mary
The cross
11. Pita desperately wants to quit piano lessons. What does Creasy tell her to do, to make her piano teacher mad?
Crack her knuckles
Smack gum
Pick her nose
12. Pita is kidnapped by men posing as what?
Police officers
13. Why do the kidnappers claim they killed Pita?
Not all the ransom money was there
Because one of their men was killed
Because the ransom was stolen
Because they were photographed
14. Creasy has someone on the inside giving him information about the kidnappers. Who is working with Creasy, to help bring down kidnappings in Mexico City?
A homicide detective
A judge
A reporter
Prosecuting attorney
15. Pita's mother is distraught, until she asks Creasy what he plans to do. Creasy's response is, "I'm gonna do what I do best." What does Creasy do best?
Kill people
Find the bad guys
Get revenge
Find the truth
16. In a disgusting torture scene, Creasy interrogates a man with a knife and _____.
A drill
Cigarette lighter
A vise grip
17. Creasy finds another girl who is a victim of a kidnapping where?
A church
A home
A abandoned building
A night club
18. Creasy is a total bad ass. How does he take out a armored car?
Rocket launcher
Home made pipe bomb
Stick of dynamite
19. Where on the body does Creasy plant a bomb on police chief Fuentes?
20. Surprise, who really was the mastermind and had the idea of Pita's kidnapping?
Creasy's friend Paul
Her swim coach
The police chief
Her father
21. What does Creasy suggest Pita's dad do, after he learns the fact he is responsible for Pita kidnapping?
Nothing, Creasy kills him
Shoot himself
Leave Mexico City forever
Turn himself in to the police
22. What do they call the man behind the kidnappings, who has Pita?
The Voice
Big Brother
The Bachelor
23. Creasy wants proof that Pita is still alive. What does he tell The Voice to ask Pita?
The name of her teacher
What she gave Creasy as a gift
The name of her teddy bear
The name of her dog
24. The Voice tells Creasy he will give back Pita only on two conditions. One he has to give up himself, two he has to give back The Voice's ______.
25. At the very end of the film, what happens to Creasy?
He is killed by The Voice
We don't know
He dies of his injuries
He plants a bomb on himself

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