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How Well Do You Know: The Office, S04E02: Dunder Mifflin Infinity
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1. Who is the first Dunder Mifflin employee to realize that Pam and Jim are seeing each other romantically?
2. Who is the last?
3. It's not a surprise to me. Pam is the office mattress.
Who makes this rather disparaging remark about Pam?
4. In preparation for Ryan's return to the office, Kelly:
Calls in sick
Wears a low-cut dress
Plans a "re-meet-cute"
"Forgets" to wear a bra
5. Dwight tries to present Angela with a feral barn cat to replace the one he destroys. The cat's name is:
6. Dunder Mifflin's current website contains the message:
Coming Christmas 2002
404-Page Not Found
Pardon Our Dust
Y2K Compliance Coming Soon!
7. Who is the first person to sound the alarm of a youth movement within the country at the expense of the old-timers?
8. Rebuffed by Ryan, Michael relates the story of an exchange student who stayed with Michael and left, taking all of Michael's:
Blue jeans
Comic books
Belt buckles
9. Kelly chooses the nuclear option with Ryan by:
Threatening to sue for sexual harassment
Throwing herself at Darryl
Telling him she is pregnant
Showing Ryan nude pictures she took of him
10. Creed takes this radical step to prove he is on the side of youth:
Buys a motorcycle
Dyes his hair
Gets a tattoo
Starts wearing muscle shirts
11. Michael prepares a conference room display about ageism, which includes a photo of this movie:
17 Again
Teen Wolf
Freaky Friday
12. To strengthen his case during the conference room meeting, Michael:
Calls Robert Mifflin on speakerphone
Calls Robert Dunder on speakerphone
Brings Robert Dunder into the office
Brings Robert Mifflin into the office
13. Angela attempts a reconciliation with Dwight but breaks things off when the two are:
In the Dunder Mifflin parking lot
Out to dinner together
In the office after hours
In their make-out spot in the warehouse
14. When asked by Jim if now that they're public, if the magic is gone, Pam answers that she now find Jim:
15. Who accompanies Michael on his gift basket quest?
No one
Dwight only
Dwight and Ryan
Dwight, Jim and Ryan
16. The companies Michael visits with gift baskets are:
Prospective clients
Former clients
Current clients
17. Ryan asks Pam out after asking her to design:
The logo for the new website
The new logo for corporate
Graphics for a new TV campaign
His new business cards
18. The GPS in Michael's car leads his disastrously astray as he is headed to the final client on his list, which is:
The county government
A country club
A law firm
A public school system
19. Michael's car ends up:
In a lake
In a river
In a ditch
Stranded on train tracks
20. Michael protests the futility of his quest by revisiting the last client he saw before the accident and:
Setting the gift basket on fire
Throwing a framed photo into a wall
Sitting on a sofa with wet clothes
Locking all the employees in the conference room

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