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How Well Do You Know: Snowpiercer
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1. The world froze. The world froze because CW7 was released into the atmosphere. Why was CW7 released into the atmosphere?
A biomedical research facility exploded
Because of chemical warfare
It was a solution to global warming
To combat global drought
2. The events of the film begin roughly how many years after the world froze?
57 years
107 years
3 years
17 years
3. Curtis Everett attempts to make it all the way to the front of the train, where, on the last door before the engine, there is an insignia marked with this letter:
4. When we first meet Curtis, he is busy counting. As he is busy counting, guards are asking for experienced:
5. Curtis wants a particular protein bar that young Timmy has. Timmy wants something in return. That something is:
A ball
A cat
A telescope
A pencil stub
6. Timmy is taken to the front of the train, despite his trying to hide:
Under his mother's skirt
In his bunk
Behind Curtis
Hanging from the ceiling
7. A man retaliates after his child is taken by the guards. As punishment, which part of his body is frozen off?
His arm
His leg
His head
His..."little snowpiercer," if you know what we're saying
8. Minister Mason uses this article of clothing in her speech to the tailsectioners, reminding them of their place on the train:
9. Old Gilliam approaching Minister Mason makes Curtis realize that:
Gilliam and Mason used to be married
Minister Mason is actually deaf
Gilliam has been to the front of the train before
The guards' guns aren't loaded
10. One of the more coveted substances on the train is Kronole. Which is not true of Kronole?
It is made of industrial waste
It's a drug
Curtis has an unlimited supply of Kronole
It is very flammable
11. Curtis tells one of his band not to draw what goes into the protein bars the tailsectioners eat. What goes into the protein bars?
Human organs
Human waste
12. When Curtis first meets Nam, the imprisoned man has a very rare item that he uses to cause a mini riot. What is it?
A cigarette
A comic book
A hairbrush
A pocket watch
13. Nam's daughter Yona seems to be clairvoyant, because she:
Knows whether or not there is danger behind the doors
Knows what Curtis is about to say
Knows the exact makeup of the forward cars on the train
Knows which of Curtis's gang will die when
14. The hatchet-wielding guards wear:
Red eye patches
Gold scarves
Green cloaks
Black hoods
15. Fighting briefly stops when the combatants celebrate New Year's while the train:
Goes through a tunnel
Crosses a dark, wide forest
Crosses a bridge
Goes under a frozen lake
16. Right after the New Year celebration, many members of Curtis's group are slaughtered:
By children
With poisoned gas
By tripping booby traps
In the dark
17. Edgar is killed while Curtis:
Lies on the floor, having slipped on a fish
Is blinded by light through windows
Runs to seize Mason
Argues with Nam
18. Before he dies, Gilliam gives Curtis this warning about Wilford:
Don't look him directly in the eyes
Don't ask him where the children are
Don't let him talk
Don't let him offer you control of the train
19. The first plush car that Curtis's group passes through after the water-cleansing station is:
A massage parlor
A garden
A music room
A dentist's office
20. Curtis and company enjoy this unusual experience in the aquarium car:
Swimming with dolphins
Hearing whales
Eating sushi
21. In the classroom car, the children are shown a video:
Outlining a history of the freezing of the world
Cataloging each person born on the train
Containing pro-Wilford propaganda
Disparaging the tailsectioners
22. Curtis is shown the remains of mutineers outside the train. They are known as the:
Iced Eight
Frigid Five
Frozen Seven
Freezing Fourteen
23. New Year's presents arrive from the front of the train. What are the New Year's presents?
24. Immediately before Curtis kills Mason,
Gilliam is killed
Timmy is killed
Nam is severely injured
Yona is severely injured
25. Curtis and the remains of his bunch engage the seemingly indestructible Franco the Elder in:
A sauna car
A nightclub car
A rainforest car
A speakeasy car
26. Curtis, recounting the dark early days on the train to Nam: You know what I hate about myself? I know what _______
People taste like
Despair tastes like
Being rich tastes like
The loss of freedom tastes like
27. Who made a bodily sacrifice so that a child would not be eaten?
28. Nam theorizes from seeing the same __________ every year that the snow might be melting:
Crashed airplane
Beached oceanliner
Suspension bridge
29. More than once in the film, it is stated that the population will be reduced by roughly:
30. The train has crashed, and all but two people, presumably, have died. But hey, look....there's a:
Snowy owl
Polar bear

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