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How Well Do You Know: The Way, Way Back
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1. On the drive out to the shore, jerkwad Trent asks our hero Duncan on a scale of 1 to 10, how he sees himself. Duncan answers ________, while Trent says he thinks Duncan is a _______.
7 / 2
6 / 3
5/ 1
8 / 0
2. Remind us, what is the name of the water park at which Duncan finds a haven during his time at the beach?
Water Wizz
Water World
Wet World
Water Whee
3. To whom does the beach house belong?
Trent's ex wife
Duncan's mother Pam
Duncan's father
4. Next-door neighbor Betty has a son named Peter. Betty makes a big deal out of Peter's:
5. Duncan is embarrassed when Betty's daughter Susanna finds him singing along to REO Speedwagon:
Alone on the beach
In the bathroom
Under the front porch
On the roof of the car
6. Duncan's introduction to Kip and and Joan comes when Joan is mis-singing the lyrics to this song:
Billie Jean
The Macarena
Like a Virgin
7. Duncan meets Owen when the latter is having the game of his life playing this video game:
Donkey Kong
Pac Man
8. Kip and Joan invite everyone on their boat. Trent embarrasses Duncan by:
Making him slather sunblock all over his face
Making him ride below
Making him stay behind
Making him wear a life vest
9. From Owen, Duncan learns the following about Water Wizz:
The owner went mad from fear of water
The owner decreed the park never be brought up to code
The owner declared the park should be destroyed on his dying
The owner killed several nosy teens one dark and stormy night
10. At the water park, Owen has several encounters with three teen boys, who he describes as his illegitimate sons. Owen has given the boys the following names, except for:
Ming Lee
11. On his first trip down the water slide, Duncan:
Gets stuck
Loses his swim trunks
Runs head-long into an attractive female at the bottom of the slide
Gets a bloody nose
12. Owen offers Duncan a job:
After he gives Duncan a ride home
After he sees Duncan throwing up
Because he has been ordered to by his girlfriend Caitlyn
After he sees Trent belittling Duncan
13. Sitting on the beach on the 4th of July, Susanna and Duncan bond over:
How their mothers are both druggies
Not being able to see their dads
A movie they both like
How they dislike the feeling of sand
14. Duncan first sees Trent and Joan making out:
In Trent's car
On the beach
In Trent's bedroom
Behind the house
15. Seemingly perpetually looking to leave the water park, the odd Lewis mans this station:
Rental booth
Snack bar
Information booth
Kiddie pool
16. Duncan earns his nickname Pop-'n-Lock when he has to break up a crowd of breakdancers by:
Taking their radio
Taking their cardboard
Ordering them out of the water park
Ordering them to disperse
17. Three boys go down the waterslide down at once. They get stuck. To dislodge them,
Owen throws himself down the tube
Duncan throws himself down the tube
A very large kid throws himself down the tube
A section of the waterslide is disassembled
18. Trent acts like an ass and hurts Pam during a rainy afternoon game of:
Chutes and Ladders
Candy Land
19. Susanna finds out Duncan is working at the water park:
When she follows him
When he tells her
When she finds his pay check
When she overhears him telling Peter
20. The lie Trent tells Pam that eventually reveals his affair with Joan centers around:
A plane to New York city
A violent thunderstorm
Kip's boat
A police report
21. Duncan and Trent nearly come to blows:
In the driveway
At a party on the beach
At the water park
In a movie theater
22. Duncan awkwardly tries to kiss Susanna after she tries to cheer him up by telling him about unique physical characteristics of:
Ghost crabs
Vampire squid
23. The water park staff have an all-night going-away party for:
24. When he gets home in the morning from the party, Duncan finds out that:
Pam has left Trent
Trent has left Pam
His dad in on the way to pick him up
Pam, Trent and the kids are leaving abruptly
25. Each of the following happens as group leaves to go home, except that:
Susanna gives Duncan a kiss
Pam climbs into the back seat of the station wagon with Duncan
Duncan decks Trent
Duncan rides down the water slide with Owen

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