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How Well Do You Know: Bad Words
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1. Before launching on his manic quest, Gus Trilby's job is:
Auto mechanic
Telephone operator
Pet shop owner
2. Gus is eligible for the spelling bee because he never completed this grade:
3. Gus is sponsored by this online newspaper for which Jenny Widgeon works:
Daily Onliner
Budget Weekday News
4. The spelling bee at the center of the film is named:
The Platinum Compass
The Silver Radio
The Red Lexicon
The Golden Quill
5. Gus is annoyed to meet a very chatty Chaitanya Chopra:
In a restroom
In a taxi
In the hotel lobby
On a plane
6. "I'll be they're not awesome," says Gus when the director of the spelling bee Dr. Bernice Deagan says that she has arranged for his hotel accommodations. Gus stays in:
A janitor's closet
An elevator shaft
A boiler room
A restroom
7. Chaitanya poses to Gus a hypothetical about being stranded on a desert island with this type of animal who has a gun:
A wolf
A shark
A gorllia
A racoon
8. Sitting at the hotel bar with Gus, Jenny says she knows three personal things about him so far. Which of the following is not one of them?
Favorite drink
Favorite color
Favorite football team
Favorite breast size
9. Having sex with Jenny, Gus learns that she insists on this one rule:
Look at her
Don't look at her
Say her name
Don't say her name
10. Chaitanya is staying in his hotel room by himself, as his father:
Is dead
Is staying down the hall
Is staying in a different hotel
Did not come with Chaitanya to the spelling bee
11. Chaitanya has named his binder:
12. Dr. Deagan's main bone of contention with the proctor is:
His appearance
His enunciation
His habit of favoring some spellers
His hygiene
13. As the bee starts, Gus badly rattles on one the young spellers by giving him:
What appears to be a severed finger
An adult magazine
A dead mouse
A pair of panties
14. Dr. Deagan promises assembled angry parents that if Guy reaches the final round,
She will have him disqualified
She will resign
She will declare the spelling bee canceled
She will personally disgrace him
15. Jenny establishes that Guy is very, very smart by asking him:
The longest word one can type with only the left hand
A word that has all the vowels in order
The only English word that can be spelled with all the consonants
A word that solves an ancient DaVinci riddle
16. On their night out on the town, Gus and Chaitanya cause varying degrees of trouble using these two foodstuffs:
Pop rocks & pop tarts
Pies & ice cream cones
Ketchup packets & lobster
Spaghetti & hot sauce
17. Jenny learns that Guy is Dr. Bowman's son from:
A magazine article
A TV news story
His birth certificate
A background check
18. To prove to Chaitanya that all women have nipples, Gus introduces him to a hooker named:
19. Who realizes the randomized word list was maniuplated by Dr. Deagan, and forces Dr. Deagan's resignation?
Dr. Bowman
The proctor
20. Guy meets Dr. Bowman for the first time by the hotel's:
Duck pond
Swimming pool
Koi pond
Water slide
21. Guy learns that Chaitanya has been playing up Guy, which leads Guy to smash this type of toy:
A car
A helicopter
A robot
A cowboy
22. Gus __________ Chaitanya's binder, so Chaitanya retaliates by __________:
Sells / getting Gus drunk
Burns / getting Gus arrested
Shreds / getting Gus kicked out of the hotel
Dissolves / getting Gus stranded far outside of town
23. In the final round, as Gus is presented with the words "Slubberdegullion," one of the mothers causes a ruckus which results in her:
Having a heart attack
Being carried out by security
Stripping naked
Attempting to assault Gus
24. Out of the final two, who misses a word first?
Gus misses first, purposefully
Gus misses first, accidentally
Chaitanya misses first, purposefully
Chaitanya misses first, accidentally
25. The broadcast feed for the spelling bee is interrupted after:
Gus hits Dr. Bowman with a chair
Chaitanya hits Dr. Bowman with a chair
Gus kicks Dr. Bowman in the crotch
Chaitanya kicks Dr. Bowman in the crotch

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