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How Well Do You Know: Gravity
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1. Matt relates a story which Houston has heard many times before. It's a story about:
His truck breaking down in the middle of nowhere
Him breaking both arms at the same time
His very first spacewalk
His wife running off on him
2. Who provides the voice of Houston in the film?
Scott Glenn
Tom Selleck
Ed Harris
Tim Robbins
3. Before the disaster, Matt estimates that he will be about this amount of time short of the spacewalk record:
30 minutes
7 hours
180 minutes
75 minutes
4. At the beginning of the film, Matt and Ryan work on repairs for this space vessel:
The International Space Station
The Hubble Space Telescope
The space shuttle
A telecommunications satellite
5. The satellite that was struck and which caused the chain-reaction of debris was of this nationality:
6. Ryan says the thing she likes best about being in space is:
The view
The brightness of the stars
The silence
The sense of adventure
7. Matt has a bad feeling about the mission, and then launches into this story, before everything starts going to hell:
The New Year's Eve story
The Mardi Gras story
The birthday story
The Fourth of July story
8. The soon-to-be destroyed space shuttle is the:
9. The satellite was struck by a missile from:
10. Matt and Ryan are not in the shuttle when it is struck because:
They determine it will be safer to be outside the shuttle
Ryan's suit propulsion malfunctions
Ryan cannot detach from the robotic arm
The shuttle is too far away to reach
11. Matt estimates that this amount of time will pass before the debris returns:
3 hours
90 minutes
43 minutes
75 minutes
12. Though most likely cannot hear them, Matt and Ryan continue to communicate with Houston, adding this phrase:
In the black
In the night
In the dark
In the blind
13. When Ryan and Matt find astronaut Sharriff, they find he has been struck by debris:
In the leg
In the arm
In the head
In the chest
14. Back in Lake Zurich, Illinois, Ryan Stone works in a:
Nursing home
Government building
15. Ryan had a __________ who died suddenly:
16. The ISS has two escape pods, but Ryan and Matt can use neither for re-entry, because:
Both have been deployed
One has been deployed, one has been damaged
Both have been damaged
One has been deployed, one has no fuel left
17. Matt drifts off into space as Ryan:
Hangs onto a railing outside the ISS
Is attached to the ISS by parachute chords
Is attached to the ISS by a safety harness
Enters the ISS airlock
18. The last Ryan hears of Matt, he is listening to this type of music:
Classic rock
19. Now alone, Ryan must make her way to a/n ____________ space station:
20. In the ISS, Ryan has to contend with:
A fire
Extreme low temperatures
Lack of oxygen
Lots and lots of dead bodies
21. What prevents the capsule from releasing from the space station?
Lack of power
A hatch that won't close
A damaged guidance system
Parachute cables
22. On her way to the Chinese space station, Ryan gets further frustrated when:
The capsule runs out of fuel
The capsule is hit by debris
The Chinese station is hit by fuel
She nearly blacks out from lack of oxygen
23. Ryan makes radio contact with a man on Earth named Aningaaq, and is somewhat comforted by the sounds of:
His children playing
Waves and wind
His dogs barking
His laughter
24. Who does Aningaaq sing to?
His dogs
His baby
His wife
25. As Ryan prepares to go to sleep for a last time, she hears:
The sound of Houston
Alarm sirens
An explosion outside the capsule
A knock on the capsule window
26. Though the capsule appears to be out of fuel, from her vision with Matt, Ryan realizes that ____________ is launching:
27. Ryan asks Matt to tell Sarah, her daughter, that Ryan found this item that Sarah had lost:
A shoe
A dolly
A puzzle piece
A pail
28. Ryan uses this to help her move in space between the capsule and the space station:
A fire extinguisher
A jet pack
Matt's oxygen tank
Her own oxygen tank
29. Ryan reaches the Chinese space station, but:
It has no heat or oxygen
It is about to re-enter the atmosphere
She cannot open the air lock to enter it
She breaks her hand trying to open the air lock
30. When Ryan is finally on terra firma, she is:
Bleeding badly
Still in her space suit
Not alone

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