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How Well Do You Know: Clerks II
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blahahahahahhah i love this movie
Kolby 8/29/09 5:07 pm


1. There is a tiny problem at the Quick Stop at the start of the movie. What is it?
A Chewlie's Gum rep is stirring up trouble again.
Randall is tied up and the place has been robbed.
Someone had sex with a dead guy again.
The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire...along with the rest of the place.
2. Randal confesses to causing the accident that burned down Quick Stop. What did he do?
Left the coffee pot on again.
Plugged 23 electrical devices into the same outlet.
Put his cigarette on top of the newspaper stack.
Turned the electric heater up to max then turned it on its side overnight to heat the floor.
3. Okay, here's a gimme. Where do Randal and Dante work after Quick Stop burns to the ground?
4. Randal is obviously the type of person to troll on message boards and get into huge flame wars. What web site is he frequenting while supposedly working at Mooby's?
5. Which famous actor is standing at the counter portraying a customer when Kevin Smith's wife enters Mooby's, dressed in a Mrs. Hicks t-shirt?
Ben Affleck
Jason Lee
Matt Damon
Will Ferrell
6. What is the dowry gift the parents of Dante's fiancée, Emma, are planning to give the happy couple?
A car
A honeymoon vacation
A house
A night with Kinky Kelly
7. Why is 19-year-old, mother-kissing Elias in such a good mood at the start of the work day?
He has beaten the 40-Year-Old Virgin by 21 years...and he's as surprised as anyone.
The Hobbit movie, the prequel to The Lord of the Rings, is getting made.
The Transformers movie is getting made and his online handle is Optimus Prime.
That sign Randal keeps putting on his employee picture? It's true and he *loves* it.
8. Silent Bob puts on some music and Jay does a little dance. During his krunk-laced performance, he impersonates what previous movie character?
Buffalo Bill
Butch Cassidy
The Sundance Kid
9. Which of these is not a product at Mooby's mentioned during the movie?
The Cow Tipper
Dairy Air
Skinny Calf
Udderly Delicious Moo-ilk Shake
10. Randal participates in an extended debate with Elias and that short guy from Alias about The Lord of the Rings versus which movie?
The Matrix
Star Wars
Terminator 2: Judgment Day
11. Short guy from Alias does what at the end of the nerd debate?
Kicks Randal in the groin
Punches Randal in the ear then eye
12. Dante Hicks does what to Becky Scott during the movie?
Burns down her uncle's business
Paints her toenails
Sends her a male stripper
13. Let's talk trolls for a moment. Where does Pillow Pants live?
37th Avenue
In Elias' jeans
In Elias' girlfriend's vagina
14. What fearsome tendency does Pillow Pants have that frightens Elias.
He agitates Elias' girlfriend's vagina into bleeding.
He bites off nipples.
He bites off penises.
He inflates penises until they explode.
15. Jason Lee takes time out from his busy schedule of sucking up to karma to make an appearance in the movie. His character is a what?
Comic book artist...a tracer, really
Game show host
Internet millionaire
Mooby's owner
16. What is Randal taking back, to the chagrin of his co-workers?
Porch Monkey
17. What aspect of Bachelor Party had a profound effect on Dante and Randal?
3-D glasses
Tawdry sex between a woman and a horse
Tawny Kitaen going full frontal
Tom Hanks trying to use a hand mixer on Tawny Kitaen
18. Who does Randal hire to put on a show for Dante?
Caitlin Bree
Kinky Kelly and the Sexy Stud
Pink Inside and Warm All Over
Teasing Terri
19. For no apparent reason, the entire cast breaks into a lavish musical production of this song:
ABC by the Jackson 5
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper
My Girl by the Temptations
Safety Dance by Men without Hats
20. What is Dante's biggest fear about the wedding?
Monogamy (we feel you, brother)
The wedding dance
The wedding toast
Writing his own wedding vow
21. After the dance is over, Dante tells Becky he loves her and she tells him...
Meet her in the meat locker in three minutes
She does A2M
She doesn't love him
She is pregnant
22. Which one of the cast enjoys the donkey show so much they...touch themselves to satisfaction.
23. Who tells Dante's fiancée, Emma, that Becky is carrying Dante's child?
Silent Bob
24. What suggestion does Randal have while they are temporarily imprisoned?
Buy the Mooby's franchise.
Buy the Quick Stop and RST Video.
They should rob a bank and move down to Florida anyway.
Well, Dante would be Kinky Kelly and Randal would be the donkey...
25. What does the sign say outside Quick Stop?
"I assure you, we're open!"
"I assure you, we're re-open!"
"Now serving #37!"
"Yes, we do have Best of Both Worlds in stock!"

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