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How Well Do You Know: 2014 in Movies: The Story So Far
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1. If you either like Tom Cruise, or like seeing Tom Cruise get the snot kicked out of him over and over and over and over, then this was the film for you:
Edge of Tomorrow
Devil's Due
3 Days to Kill
2. The name of this season figures into a comic-to-film movie title that earned hundreds of millions of dollars:
3. Batman, Shaquille O'Neal, William Shakespeare, Abraham Lincoln and Han Solo all make an appearance in this film:
Winter's Tale
Muppets Most Wanted
The LEGO Movie
A Haunted House 2
By way of explanation.....
Also: Wonder Woman, Michelangelo and Gandalf and/or Dumbledore
4. Each of the following films had a sequel released in 2014, except for:
21 Jump Street
Rise of the Guardians
5. Indeed, the sequel to 300 was released this year. Its subtitle promised a __________ of an Empire:
6. Well now God seen some sinnin' and it caused Him pain. And He said, "Stand back, I'm going to make it rain!" He said, "Hey, Brother Noah, I'll tell you what to do, build me a floating zoo, and take some of them green alligators and long-necked geese...." Anyway, who played Noah on screen this year?
Russell Crowe
Pierce Brosnan
Mel Gibson
Hugh Jackman
7. Which actor rode along in Ride Along?
Chris Rock
Martin Lawrence
Liam Neeson
Kevin Hart
8. High school sucks. Especially when, like Rose, Lissa and Dimitri, you're stuck in this sort of Academy:
Pretentious Citizens
Wayward Orphan
9. This 2014 release finished the first half of the year with the greatest worldwide box office, barely ahead of the #2 grosser:
X-Men: Days of Future Past
The Amazing Spider-Man 2
By way of explanation.....
DOFP brought in less than $2 million more than second-place Captain America: The Winter Soldier
10. Meanwhile, shockingly, this release not only brought in more than a quarter billion dollars worldwide, but also was in the Top 10 box office earners for most of the first half of the year:
The Nut Job
Mr. Peabody & Sherman
The Signal
Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones
By way of explanation.....
Quiet, you.
11. Speaking of Paranormal Activity, while most films in the series have made major mint being released around Halloween, The Marked Ones was strangely set loose on the movie-going public around this holiday:
New Year's Day
Valentine's Day
Memorial Day
By way of explanation.....
Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones bombed (relatively speaking) upon entering theaters on January 3rd
12. Kevin Costner was at your local multiplex a lot during the first part of 2014, but you likely didn't care. Which of the following is not a film that featured Costner (and did so-so at best at the box office)?
3 Days to Kill
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
About Last Night
Draft Day
13. Wes Anderson enjoyed the most successful film (profit-wise, at least) of his career with a tale concerning a grand hotel in this European city:
14. Speaking of Draft Day, this NFL team is front and center in Costner's latest attempt at a sports film:
Dallas Cowboys
Cleveland Browns
Miami Dolphins
Buffalo Bills
By way of explanation.....
If basing a sports film on the Cleveland Browns is wrong, I.....don't want to see that sports film
15. If you're up on your stage-to-screen projects, you would know that this director filmed an adaptation of the play concerning Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons:
Bill Condon
Richard Curtis
Peter Jackson
Clint Eastwood
16. In only one 2014 film - we haven't checked exhaustively, but we're pretty darned sure this is true - would you find a villainous frog named Constantine. And that film is:
The LEGO Movie
God's Not Dead
Better Living Through Chemistry
Muppets Most Wanted
17. Kit Harington, who you may or may not know as Jon Snow from this hit TV show, starred as Milo in Pompeii:
NCIS: Los Angeles
Game of Thrones
Parks and Recreation
Grey's Anatomy
By way of explanation.....
No, seriously. The hero's name is......Milo
18. After this quiz has been published, Dwayne Johnson will appear in the title role of Hercules. Can you name the actor who played the same in January's The Legend of Hercules? You can't, can you?
Wrong! It was Josh Duhamel
Wrong! It was Kellan Lutz
Wrong! It was Nicholas Hoult
By way of explanation.....
We give you bonus points for honesty if you chose option 4.
19. Angelina Jolie - perhaps you have heard of her - played the title role in the very successful Maleficent. Feel bad about yourself if you can't tell us that the film was a spin on this classic Disney work:
Beauty and the Beast
Snow White
Sleeping Beauty
20. Phil Lord and Chris Miller have proven to be quite the versatile team. Not only did they direct The LEGO Movie, but they also helmed this other 2014 hit:
The Signal
22 Jump Street
21. We've reached the point in the quiz when we'll force ourselves to say nice things about Transformers: Age of Extinction. Each of the following is true about Trans4mers, except that:
Like the other films in the series, it is directed by Michael Bay
Shia LaBeouf did not return as the star
It features dinosaur-like robots called Raptorbots
Its opening weekend brought in more than $300 million worldwide
By way of explanation.....
The dinosaur-like robots are called Dinobots.
22. Thanks to everyday people ponying up a quarter here, twenty bucks there, this film was successfully Kickstarter'd and made its way to theaters in 2014:
The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Veronica Mars
Son of God
Million Dollar Arm
23. If you are up on your Young Adult fiction, then it should come as no surprise that this film broke Fandango's record for pre-sales for romantic dramas:
The Fault in Our Stars
Endless Love
That Awkward Moment
24. The Fault in Our Stars, the correct answer of the previous question, featured star-on-the-rise Shailene Woodley, who earlier in the year also headlined this film:
The Raid 2
Jacky in Women's Kingdom
25. In closing, there are how many Ways to Die in the West?
A Thousand
A Hundred
A Million

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