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How Well Do You Know: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

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1. The Paramount mountain logo dissolves into an image that appears on what?
A kimono
A gong
A silver coin
A restaurant logo
2. The elaborate opening cabaret sequence is set to what song?
Meet Me in St. Louis
The Charleston
The Nutcracker Suite
Anything Goes
3. What's the inside joke-y name of the club from which Indy and Willie escape?
The Amblin'
Club Obi-Wan
The Millenium F.
Bruce Sharkey's
4. What SNL alum has a blink-and-you'll-miss-him cameo as Earl Weber, the guy who puts our heroes on the doomed cargo plane?
John Belushi
Chevy Chase
Dan Aykroyd
Joe Piscopo
5. After jumping out of a plane in a raft (!), where do Indy, Willie, and Short Round end up?
South Africa
6. What artifact was taken from the villagers that they meet?
Allansi Diamond
Sankara Stones
Sacred Bones
Blue Diamonds and Purple Horseshoes
7. What mode of transportation do they use to get to Pankot Palace?
8. What are Indy and Short Round doing while Willie is freaking out about all the living things in the jungle?
Throwing dice
Reading up on Pankot Palace
Laughing at her
Playing poker
9. The palace's maharaja is wealthy, single, and, to Willie's dismay, what?
103 years old
a child
hideously deformed
10. That's good eatin'! What is the snake surprise?
Eels inside of a snake
Boiled mouse in the snake's stomach
That the snake is alive while you eat it!
It is topped with a delicate lemon cream
11. And what's for dessert?
Snake Surprise with Chocolate Sauce!
Honey Roaches!
Chilled Monkey Brains!
Tarantulas Foster!
12. The secret passage to the, well, doom part of the temple, is found where?
Willie's room
Under the toilet
Beneath a large X in the library
In the kitchen
13. What do Indy and Short Round step on that sound like fortune cookies?
Fortune cookies
14. What is the name of the baddies who are having a sacrificial ceremony?
15. How is Indy brainwashed?
Solitary confinement
Forced to drink blood
Sprinkled with intoxicating powder
Convincing pamphlet found in men's room
16. Why are the Thugees making the children dig?
To look for oil
To make an underground passage
To find diamonds
To find the two missing Sankara Stones
17. How does Short Round bring Indy back to consciousness?
By having him hold two Sankara Stones
Saying his name repeatedly
A torch to the stomach
Whipping him with his own whip
18. Pat Roach, the guy who was memorably chopped up by a plane propeller in Raiders, meets a grisly end here too. Playing the chief guard, how does he bite it?
Lowered into lava
Head crushed by rock crusher
Falls over a ledge and onto a railroad spike
Stalagmite (or possibly stalactite) to the eye
19. Minecarts! After Shorty breaks the brake, how do they get the cart to stop?
Indy repeatedly whips support beams, slowing them down
By steering it into a pool of water
Using voodoo dolls
Indy uses his shoes as brakes
20. Our heroes next find themselves trapped where, surrounded by Thugees?
In a canyon
On a rope bridge
Back in the palace dining room
In the sacrificial temple
21. Mola Ram, primary bad guy, is killed how?
Falling to his death and eaten by alligators
By having his heart ripped out
Stoned by angry mob
Arrow to the chest
22. Who shows up deus ex machina-style and dispatches the rest of the Thugees?
Parents of the rescued children
U.S. rescue team looking for Indy
British military
23. Who briefly spoils the end-of-movie kiss between Indy and Willie?
Short Round
Mola Ram back from the dead!
Villagers offering more gross food
The elephant spraying them with water
24. Fun trivia #1: How did they make the lava in the sacrifice scenes?
Cheese fondue
Vanilla pudding and glowing dyes
A small bit of real lava made to look like a lot
Melted jellybeans and tempera paints
25. Fun trivia #2: PG-rated Temple of Doom is generally credited, along with what other hard-PG movie, for having the MPAA create the PG-13 rating?
Better Off Dead

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