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How Well Do You Know: Non-Stop
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1. When he first appears on screen, Bill Marks is holding:
A teddy bear
A gun
A map
A bottle of alcohol
2. Marks stands on a sidewalk next to a man who seems insistent on chatting. This man turns out to be important to the plot of the film, and tells Marks he is headed to:
3. Marks ends up sitting by a woman named Jen, who, upon getting on the plane, is very insistent on:
Trading her window seat for an aisle seat
Trading her aisle seat for a window seat
Getting upgraded to first class
Falling asleep as soon as possible
4. The flight is headed to this city:
5. Sitting directly behind Marks during the early part of the flight is:
A very noisy child
A man with whom Marks had an unpleasant encounter in the airport
A couple having sex
A child flying alone
6. The sender of the threatening messages gets Marks' attention by saying he knows:
Marks' social security number
Marks had a drink in the parking lot before boarding
The number of bullets in the clip in Marks' gun
Marks smoked in the restroom
7. What is the interval of time that the mystery person says will pass before someone on the plane will die?
30 minutes
10 minutes
20 minutes
45 minutes
8. The first person that Marks suspects of sending the messages is:
The Arabic-looking man
Hammond, the other air marshal on the flight
Flight Attendant Nancy
9. Marks has Jen and Flight Attendant Nancy use this to identify suspects as he texts with the highjacker:
Glowing dots
10. Marks and Hammond battle in:
The cockpit
The lavatory
The aisle
The luggage compartment
11. ...which leads to Marks killing Hammond by:
Breaking his neck
Shooting him
Suffocating him
Stabbing him
12. Marks is surprised to learn that, with regard to the ransom demand,
It has already been paid
It was sent to the TSA from Marks' own phone
It was directed to an account in Marks' name
The amount doubled after Hammond's death
13. Returning to the lavatory after killing Hammond, Marks finds this in Hammond's briefcase:
Body parts
14. Marks interrogates suspects on the grounds that:
One of the passengers is missing
One of the passengers has amnesia
TSA is doing routine security checks
The plane has mechanical issues
15. The Arabic-looking man turns out to be:
A policeman
A doctor
A reporter
A lawyer
16. When the pilot dies,
The plane's lights all flash off and on
One of the engines blow
Many of the passengers fly up into the ceiling of the plane
The plane loses all power
17. One of the passengers is strangely helpful in suggesting a way to identify a phone with its ringer off by sending a virus attached to:
An image
A text file
A music file
A ring tone
18. With the paranoid passengers almost rioting, Marks counters by:
Threatening to shoot everyone
Threatening to hijack the plane
Promising free travel
Promising they will be reimbursed for the flight
19. Having found a man holding the suspect phone, Marks tries to interrogate him before he suddenly dies. The man died from:
A poisoned drink
A poisoned dart
A poisonous insect
Nothing having to do with poison
20. Where does Marks find a hole that was used for the poisoned dart gun?
In a window
In a curtain between cabins
In a seat back
In a lavatory
21. The person Marks first suspects of firing the poisoned dart gun is:
The doctor
The copilot
Flight Attendant Nancy
22. The passengers watch a TV report which states:
The flight has gone down
The flight will not be allowed to land
The flight will return to the US
The flight is being hijacked by Marks
23. The bomb ends up being located:
In Hammond's brief case
Under the copilot's seat
In the first class section
In the avionics
24. Marks' plan for the bomb is to:
Defuse it
Jettison it from the plane
Have the plane land in the ocean
Have the plane descend to a specific altitude
25. The plane finally lands:
In Greenland
In Nova Scotia
In Iceland
On the Canary Islands

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