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How Well Do You Know: Pompeii
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1. This is the first ancient area where we first meet a very young Milo:
2. Covrus personally kills Milo's:
Twin brother
3. A grown-up Milo is a gladiator known as:
The Spaniard
The Gaul
The Celt
The Hun
4. Milo kills an animal when he first meets Cassia. What is it?
A wolf
A horse
A serpent
A bird
5. Cassia has been away from Pompeii, visiting:
6. Attacked by others while he is eating, Milo does this to a very large Thracian:
Gouges out his eye
Tears off his ear
Severs his foot
Bites off his fingers
7. When Atticus wins one more contest:
He will become a free man
He will become a citizen
His family will become free
He will become manager of the gladiators
8. During a practice session,
Milo saves Atticus's life from an attack by one of the other gladiators
Atticus saves Milo's life from an attack by one of the other gladiators
Atticus saves Milo's life from an attack by one of the guard
Milo saves Atticus's life from an attack by one of the guard
9. It turns out that the reason Cassia left Rome is:
Her father was dying
She received a message from goddess Hera
She was the target of an assassination attempt
To escape Corvus's advances
10. Someone is lost in a chasm when a quake opens up the earth. Who is it?
One of the gladiators
Cassia's sister
One of the town elders
Cassia's servant
11. With regards to Cassia's father Severus, Corvus:
Is Severus's illegitimate son
Holds Severus in deep debt
Wants to invest in Severus's plans to develop Pompeii
Is the son of Severus's long-dead brother
12. Milo and Cassia risk rather serious punishment after:
They sleep together
They ride off on Cassia's horse together
Cassia pleads for Milo's freedom
They help one of the gladiators escape
13. Cassia spares Milo's life, but he is subjected to:
Being whipped
Being branded
Being beaten by the other gladiators
Being dragged behind a horse
14. The night before the contest, Milo does this, which he has been reluctant to do before:
Look Atticus in the eye
Share his wine with Atticus
Tells Atticus his name
Advise Atticus on the other gladiators' weaknesses
15. The gladiator contest begins with Milo and Atticus:
Fighting without weapons
Chained to rocks
Fighting with wooden weapons
Fighting each other
16. The gladiator contest was to reenact:
The sack of Troy
The subjugation of the Gauls
The fall of Carthage
The Celtic rebellion
17. Atticus is able to kill many of the soldiers by:
Impaling several of them together on a spear
By collapsing a large column on them
By rolling a large boulder onto them
On horseback
18. During the contest, Corvus demands Cassia marries her, lest:
He tell the Emperor that her father will not cooperate with Rome
He have her parents killed
He have Milo killed
That his men will destroy the entirety of Pompeii
19. Milo must, by himself, face ____________ in combat:
The Roman champion
An entire detachment of soldiers
20. Severus dies when:
He is stabbed by Corvus
He is stabbed by the Roman champion
He is crushed by pieces of the falling colosseum
He saves Cassia's life
21. As things start going to hell in Pompeii, Cassia is being held:
In a locked room
In a chariot
On a guarded boat
With the other gladiators
22. The Pompeii citizens' escape is complicated by the fact that most of the streets:
Became flooded
Are blocked by Roman soldiers
Become rivers of fire
23. Corvus and Milo's final face-off is:
On a boat
In the arena
In a temple
In a market
24. Atticus proclaims himself a free man as he dies:
In the temple
In the arena
On a boat
Scaling Mount Vesuvius
25. Which is true of the final scene of the film?
Milo sacrifices himself so that Cassia may escape
Cassia sacrifices herself so that Milo may escape
Milo and Cassia both die
Milo and Cassia both escape

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