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How Well Do You Know: The Holiday
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1. Iris Simpkins's work holiday party turns out to be a nightmare for her when:
the man she loves announces his engagement to someone else
she proposes to her boyfriend in the middle of the party and he says no
she drunkenly expresses her love for her boss through song
she is publicly fired
2. Amanda breaks up with boyfriend Ethan after:
he admits to sleeping with his secretary
he proposes to her
he reacts poorly to the news she's pregnant
she realizes she misses her freedom
3. During the argument that leads to her and Ethan's breakup, it is discussed that Amanda has an issue - what is it?
she has trouble saying "I love you"
she always needs to be right
she can't cry
she is a "human doormat"
4. What does Amanda do for a living?
does party and wedding planning
gives motivational speeches
produces albums
cuts movie trailers
5. Amanda and Iris, both heartbroken in bed of a change of scenery, inhabit each other's house for the holidays. While Amanda is attempting to get used to relaxing in a quiet English cottage, Iris is enjoying her stay in California. Iris first meets film composer Miles when he shows up at Amanda's house to:
fix the broken refrigerator
pick up his coworker Ethan's laptop
chauffeur "Amanda" around town
redecorate the pool house
6. Amanda first meets Graham when he:
shows up at his sister Iris's house, drunk
helps her get her groceries into the car
hits a tree after swerving to avoid Amanda, who is driving on the wrong side of the road
hits on her in a bar
7. While Graham is attempting to convince one-night-stand Amanda not to leave England so soon - she's feeling lonelier than ever - Iris meets Amanda's elderly neighbor, Arthur Abbott. While conversing with Iris about her home in England, Arthur says he personally knew someone who was from her town - who?
Alec Guinness
Cary Grant
Maggie Smith
Alfred Hitchcock
By way of explanation.....
"Cary Grant was from Surrey." "That's right, he was! How did you know that?" "He told me once."
8. Arthur once worked in Hollywood, as a:
9. Graham takes Amanda on a first date, where he mentions that he feels like he's:
going to be sick
a teenager again
at a job interview
never going to find "the one"
10. Amanda admits to Graham that she hasn't cried since:
her mother died when she was a child
her parents split up when she was 15
her beloved dog died
she wasn't chosen for the high school cheerleading squad
11. Miles shows up at Amanda's house and Iris invites him in to join ________ currently in progress inside.
a poker game
a pool party
a Hanukkah party
a James Bond movie marathon
12. Amanda decides she's through pushing guys away, and goes to Graham's house to surprise him. She's the one in for the surprise, though - why?
Graham introduces her to his young daughters
the house belongs to Graham's boss, who is confused to find Amanda at his front door
Graham's wife answers the door
the attack dogs get to her before Graham does
13. Graham's daughter Olivia tells Amanda that she:
reminds Olivia and her sister Sophie of their dead mother
looks like one of her Barbie dolls
wears too much makeup
is the woman her father can't stop talking about
14. Along with their father in tow, Sophie and Olivia show Amanda their favorite spot in the house, the ___________
tent in their bedroom
music room
library/reading nook
15. Iris brings Arthur his mail, and he throws one piece away without opening or reading it. What is it?
an invitation to a tribute in his honor from the Writers Guild of America
a love letter from a woman he met over 50 years ago, when they were married to other people
a letter of apology from his estranged daughter
a request to be interviewed for a documentary that's being made about his life in Hollywood
16. How does Iris helps Arthur prepare for his tribute ceremony?
she makes him run, holding chocolates in front of him as "bait"
she does water exercises with him in Amanda's pool
she brings him to physical therapy classes at the local hospital
she practices his speech with him
17. Iris and Miles make a Christmas Eve trip to the video store. Their night out together takes a sad turn when:
Iris received a call from Amanda, informing her that her dog back in England is sick
Miles decides it's time to propose to his girlfriend, causing Iris to realize she has feelings for him
they find out Arthur has been rushed to the hospital
Miles sees his girlfriend, supposedly out of town, out with another man
18. Graham and Amanda discuss the logistics of a long-distance relationship. Amanda thinks it's not doable. How does Graham respond to this?
he proposes to her
he offers to move to Los Angeles with his daughters
he tells her he is in love with her
he kicks her out of his house
19. Iris and Miles's sushi lunch is interrupted when:
Arthur falls down and calls Iris for assistance
Miles receives a phone call from ex Maggie, who claims to miss him
Iris starts to cry and wants to go home
Jasper walks into the restaurant and sits next to Iris
20. Iris receives a call from Jasper, who claims to have sent her a "surprise". What does she find waiting for her?
a plane ticket back to England
a diamond ring
a puppy
her Christmas gift from Jasper, being presented by Jasper himself
21. Iris realizes she is no longer in love with Jasper after he:
admits he's still engaged
proposes to her
asks her to move in with him once she returns to London
asks her if she still loves him
22. What "corny" item does Arthur give to Iris when she arrives at his house to escort him to the tribute ceremony in his honor?
a corsage
a locket
a single red rose
a brooch
By way of explanation.....
Iris insists that she loves "corny", and needs more of it in her life.
23. Arthur is overwhelmed and emotional when walking in to the reception being held in his honor - why?
he realizes he is unable to walk down the aisle to the stage
he sees a picture of his late wife up on the backdrop
hundreds of people are in attendance, not just the dozen or so he expected to show
he realizes this is the last time he will be seeing Iris before she goes back to England
24. Amanda cries after leaving Graham to head back to the States. She has the driver turn the car around and runs back to the house to tell Graham something - what?
she has decided to move to England
it would be silly for her to leave before New Year's Eve
she needs to say goodbye to Sophie and Olivia
she can't imagine her life without him or the girls
25. Amanda, Graham, Iris, Miles, Olivia and Sophie ring in the New Year:
having a "dance party" at Graham and the girls' house
having a water balloon fight at Amanda's house
on the couch, watching an old movie written by Arthur
in the girls' tent, looking at the cut-out "stars"

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