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How Well Do You Know: Game of Thrones, S04E07: Mockingbird
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1. The brothers Lannister have a heart-to-heart, during which Tyrion surmises this about Tywin's proposal squashed by Tyrion's outburst:
Tywin would never have honored the terms of the deal
The deal represented everything Tywin wanted
Cersei would have underminded the deal
The people of King's Landing would never have accepted the deal
2. During his absence from the show, Gregor "The Mountain" Clegane seems to have been eating his Wheaties. Before Cersei greets hims, The Mountain dispatches men each of the following ways, except:
Disemboweling a man
Holding a man aloft impaled on his sword
Skewering a man through his eye
Hacking a man up while he plead for mercy
3. Meanwhile, Gregor's brother Sandor (aka "The Hound") dispatches a dying man by:
Beheading him
Slashing him through the heart
Cutting his throat
Gutting him
4. Arya shows increasingly little regard about killing. She stabs a man with Needle after she gets this from the man:
His horse
His name
5. Meanwhile, at The Wall, Jon advises the Night's Watch do this, in preparation for Mance Rayder's advance:
Abandon Castle Black
Send raiding parties out northward
Seal a tunnel
Install a giant-proof fence along the base of The Wall
6. Hey, Bronn has new clothes. He has also entered into an arrangement to marry into this house:
7. Daario Naharis sneaks in Daenery's window with a problem, which can be summed up, more or less, as:
He doesn't trust Dany's other advisers
He isn't fulfilling his potential
He isn't being paid well enough
He doesn't think Dany is a ruthless enough ruler
8. Visited by Selise Florent, Melisandre tries to tell a joke about:
Brushing her hair
The first time she was ever naked
Unusual consequences of some of her potions
Taking a bath
9. Selyse doubts the wisdom of Stannis taking this person along on his voyage:
10. Having learned that Yunkai has slipped back into slavery, Daenerys's initial plan is to:
Raze the city to the ground
Execute every master
Bring the slaves to Meereen
Arrange a treaty with the masters
11. Having a change of heart, Daenerys declares that this person will be her ambassador to Yunkai:
Grey Worm
Ser Baristan Selmy
Xaro Xhoan Daxos
Hizdahr zo Loraq
12. Hot Pie sighting! Man, can this boy talk. And talk and talk and talk. Podrick and Brienne learn this as Hot Pie converses at length about this food which he has prepared for them:
Roast swan
Kidney pie
Blood sausage
Mustard tarts
13. As Podrick and Brienne are about to flee from the abject horror of having to listen to Hot Pie any more, the boy emerges and gives them bread in the shape of:
A crown
A stag
A rose
A direwolf
14. Oberyn Martell recounts to Tyrion a tale of their first meeting. Oberyn's reaction when he first saw Tyrion was:
15. "I will be your champion." What is Oberyn holding when he makes this statement to Tyrion?
Tyrion's hand
A goblet
A torch
A sword
16. Problem child Robyn states that the problem with Sansa's rather impressive rendering of Winterfell is:
There's no throne
The walls aren't high enough
There's no Moon Door
Sansa shouldn't be building made-up places
17. Who sees Sansa strike Robyn?
18. Lysa gets a first class ticket on Moon Door Airways. What are the last two words Littlefinger says to his wife before giving her a gentle nudge?
It's you
Sansa is
I won't
Your sister

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