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How Well Do You Know: Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S01E21: Ragtag
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1. In a flashback to 15 years ago, we learn that Garret recruited Ward while Ward was?
At home
In juvenile detention
In the woods
At a military school
2. Why was Ward in juvenile detention?
He set fire to his house while his brother was still inside
Breaking and entering
Drunk driving
He assaulted the Commandant of his military school
3. Who or what connects just about everything the team has been dealing with?
4. Skye left a surprise for Cybertek when she decrypted her hard drive. What was it?
A self-destruct code that activates in 10… 9… 8….
The drive is wiped clean
Lots and lots of porn
A Trojan horse virus
5. How does Garrett reward Mike for killing the drug lord in Bogota?
Another assignment
Allows Mike to see some video of his son
Some free time to play Call of Duty
More body modifications
6. What does Agent Triplett retrieve for the team to use in their assault on Cybertek?
A repaired Lola. He’s surprisingly good with his hands.
100 feet of rope, a pocket full of thumb drives, and donuts
His grandfather’s Howling Commandos gear
A spare Iron Man suit that was a gift from his good friend Tony
7. Coulson loves antiques. Which bit of gear do he and Triplett geek out over?
The walkie-talkie quarters
The gravity boots
The bowtie throwing knife
The hand-held Hypno Beam
8. Fitz or Simmons? Who sets the curtains on fire with the cigarette laser?
9. How does Garrett teach Ward to become a survivor?
Sends him to Hydra Academy
Starves and beats him
Leaves him alone in the wilderness for six months.
Enrolls him in military school
10. How does Cybertek store all of its data?
In the cloud
On hardcopy
On a mainframe on the Moon
On a really, really advanced Babbage Engine
11. What do Coulson and May find out about Garrett while searching through Cybertek’s files?
Garrett is a Life Model Decoy
Garrett is really Ward’s father
Garrett started the T.A.H.I.T.I. Project
Garrett was the first Deathlok
12. Coulson and May warn the team to prepare for a large file transfer. How big is it?
About the size of a filing cabinet
10 terabytes
82 Gigabytes
A little bigger than a breadbox
13. Garrett’s Deathlok implants are keeping him alive, but barely. How long does he tell Ward he has to live?
A week
A month or two
14. How does May intend to use her hate-fu?
By killing Deathlok
By running a marathon
By taking down Ward
By killing Garrett
15. We know that, as a child, Skye was protected by an entire village in China at the cost of their lives. What does Raina tell Ward about the monsters who attacked the village?
They were blue
They were Skye’s parents
They were hungry
They were horribly misunderstood
16. Where is Garrett moving the Cuba lab to?
South Africa
South Korea
17. How much GH-325 was Raina able to synthesize?
One vial
About a gallon
55 gallons
As much as Garrett wants
18. Garrett’s defining moment came when S.H.I.E.L.D. left him to die after he was fragged by a grenade in which city?
19. Fitz or Simmons? “This is our plane. We want it back.”
20. How does Fitz disable Garrett?
Right cross to the jaw
Cigarette laser
Joy buzzer EMP
Hypno beam
21. What has been keeping Garrett alive these past few months?
Darkforce energy
Centipede serum
Spit and baling wire
Pure willpower
22. Garrett orders Ward to take care of FitzSimmons. How does Ward take care of them?
Ties them up and throws them in the interrogation room.
Shoots them
Locks them in the medical pod and knocks them unconscious with gas
Jettisons the pod they’ve locked themselves in.
23. How does Raina save Garrett?
Gives him a placebo that he thinks made him better
Injects him with GH-325
Gives him another dose of Centipede serum
Hits him with gamma radiation. Garrett SMASH!
24. The team is confronted at the Cuba lab by Centipede soldiers and a Hydra agent using what weapon?
Atmospheric Moisture Freezing Device
The 0-8-4 powered by pure evil
The Overkill Device
The Berserker staff
25. Quinn is in D.C. meeting with the military. What does he offer them?
The location of Coulson and his team
An army of a thousand better, stronger, faster super-soldiers
Garrett’s head on a platter

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