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How Well Do You Know: Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S01E17: Turn, Turn, Turn
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1. Agent Garrett encounters armed drones that try to shoot down his plane. Which group is controlling the drones?
The Clairvoyant
The U.S. Air Force
The Rising Tide
2. May’s encrypted line has been exposed. Who does she say she was reporting to?
Director Fury
Agent Sitwell
Agent Hand
Agent Hill
3. Simmons is researching the Guest House drug at the Hub. Which agent does she reveal her work to?
Agent Coulson
Agent Triplett
Agent Weaver
Agent Hand
4. Agent Coulson mans the Bus’ guns to take out the drones chasing Garrett. He suggests that Garret do what?
Eat lead
Fly faster
Play dead
5. According to Agent Hand, if her team waivers, what happens to them?
She will put a very nasty note in their personnel files
She will put them in the deepest cells at the Fridge.
They die
They’ll have to report to Fury himself
6. Which agent does Coulson tell his team he suspects is the Clairvoyant?
Agent Weaver
Agent Sitwell
Agent Hand
Agent Hill
7. Which group is responsible for flooding S.H.I.E.L.D. comm channels with this message: “Out of the shadows, into the light”?
The Rising Tide
8. In the confusion that sweeps through the Hub, Simmons reaches out to which agent at the Academy in an attempt to discover what is going on?
Agent Barnes
Agent Weaver
Agent Hughes
Agent Sitwell
9. Coulson orders May to use her direct line to contact Director Fury. What does she learn?
Director Fury is on vacation
Director Fury is Hydra
Director Fury is the Clairvoyant
Director Fury is dead
10. What was Director Fury having May watch for while keeping tabs on Coulson?
Signs of Coulson going rogue
Signs of physical or mental deterioration in Coulson
Whether Coulson was a sleeper agent for Hydra
Signs of Coulson having powers
11. May also reveals that Coulson didn't really assemble his team. Who did?
Dr. Streiten
12. Fitz or Simmons? To keep Hand’s forces out of the plane, who cut the hydraulics to the cargo door?
13. To keep Hydra from gaining access to information on all of the team’s missions, who does Coulson order to download everything and wipe the Bus’ computers clean?
14. Another of Fitz’s gadgets proves useful in getting the team out of the Bus without getting caught. What does Fitz call it?
The Big Hole Maker
The Vaporizer
The Ionizer
The Mousehole
15. How do Agents Simmons and Triplett pass Agent Hand’s loyalty test?
By refusing to swear loyalty to Hydra
By professing loyalty to Hydra
By defending Coulson
By killing a Hydra agent
16. Which team member does Agent Hand believe is part of Hydra?
17. While infiltrating the Hub’s nerve center, Ward and Skye have a heart-to-heart moment and make plans to do what once things have settled down?
Play another round of Battleship
Go see a movie
Have sex. Lots of it.
Have drinks together
18. Who confesses to being the Clairvoyant?
Agent Ward
Agent Garrett
Agent May
Agent Hand
19. Fitz or Simmons? Who hopes to be a big part of the suffering inflicted on Garrett for what he has done?
20. According to Garrett, the ranks of the strike team that arrive to take Garrett, Coulson and the team into custody have been filled by which Hydra sleeper agent?
Alexander Pierce
Agent Sitwell
Agent Hill
Director Fury
21. Coulson, May and Fitz are able to take the upper hand when Garrett and the Hydra agents are distracted by what event?
Fitz uses his EMP to knock out the power
Agent Hand cuts power to the Hub
Ward and Skye detonate their explosives
Director Fury orders a lockdown
22. To which S.H.I.E.L.D. facility will Agent Hand be taking Garrett?
The Sandbox
The Treehouse
The Slingshot
The Fridge
23. According to Coulson, what is the team planning to do next?
Round up the Avengers
Avenge Fury’s death
Take the battle to Hydra
24. Garrett hasn’t been working alone, but has had someone inside Coulson’s team from the beginning. Which team member takes orders from Garret?
25. Agent Ward is revealed as an ally to Garrett. To effect Garrett’s escape from S.H.I.E.L.D. custody, who does Ward shoot?
Agent May
Agent Skye
Agent Hand
Agent Coulson

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