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How Well Do You Know: Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S01E13: T.R.A.C.K.S.
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1. Coulson and his team are tracking a shipment through Europe. To find the item and track it to its buyer, the team goes undercover on what form of transportation?
A train
A bus
A ship
A plane
2. Which team member poses as Coulson’s daughter?
3. Skye and Fitz travel as a couple. After Skye demonstrates her Scottish accent for Fitz, what nationality does he decide they will use as their cover?
4. An older gentleman reprimands Agent Coulson after hearing Simmons complaining about his poor parental skills and use of prostitutes (plural). Which very recognizable comics legend played the part of the debonair gentleman?
Joe Quesada
Stan Lee
Brian Bendis
Dan DiDio
5. Who is suspected to be the buyer of the Cybertek equipment being transported on the train?
Tony Stark
Roxxon Energy Corp.
Ian Quinn
Norman Osborn
6. Ward demonstrates his fluency in which language while aboard the train?
7. What device seems to cause the train to disappear?
A boom tube
A tesseract engine
A grenade
A vortex generator
8. After witnessing the train disappear, Coulson hopes the grenade doesn’t create portals. Why?
Bad guys with portals mean no one is safe
Portals mean dealing with GLaDOS
Portal tech makes him queasy
He doesn’t want to have to deal with Asgard
9. Ward and Coulson return to the Bus and attempt to learn more about the grenade that caused the train to disappear. What bit of lab tech do they have difficulty using?
The spectrographic analyzer
The holotable
The Golden Retriever drones
The 3D printer
10. Coulson promises to send Ward where if his relationship with May causes problems for the team?
To the Moroccan office
Barrow, Alaska
To Director Fury’s office
The Sandbox
11. Luca Russo, with the Italian authorities, shows up at the Bus, but he is shot and killed. Who shoots him?
Agent Fitz
Agent Coulson
Agent Ward
Agent May
12. May finds Ward and Coulson incapacitated by the grenade. She then looks for a way to get them back to the Bus and is captured by?
The Clairvoyant
Ian Quinn
13. While being questioned by Russo, May discovers what?
Russo is The Clairvoyant
Russo intends to hold her for ransom
Russo sold the team out to Quinn
Russo is working for Fury
14. Fitz or Simmons? Who is left behind on the train after being hit by a night-night grenade?
15. According to Fitz, though he has never heard of a person being an 0-8-4, he has read of them being weapons, energy sources and even spacecraft. What is the one thing they all have in common?
They are valuable
They are unpredictable
They are alien
They are dangerous
16. Skye enters Quinn’s villa to search for him and the Cybertek package. What does she discover?
The Clairvoyant’s headquarters
A Rising Tide operative being held captive
Mike Peterson in a hyperbaric chamber.
Hydra’s headquarters
17. What is the Cybertek device that the team has been chasing?
A prosthetic leg
A tesseract energy source
A portal generator
A flux capacitor
18. What does Quinn do to Skye?
Kidnaps her to use as leverage against Coulson
Fits her with the prosthetic leg
Shoots her
Delivers her to The Clairvoyant
19. Coulson finds Skye near death. How does the team stabilize her long enough to get her back to the Bus?
Using the hyperbaric chamber to cool her body down.
They shoot her with a night-night round
They inject her with DeusXmachina
They give her Centipede serum
20. We are treated to a close-up of the prosthetic leg that Mike now wears. What Cybertek Project name has it been given?

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