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How Well Do You Know: Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S01E11: The Magical Place
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1. To open the episode, the team tracks down and captures which dealer in alien technology?
Von Ludwig
2. The operation to find and rescue Agent Coulson is being led by which S.H.I.E.L.D. agent?
Commander Maria Hill
Director Nick Fury
Agent Jasper Sitwell
Agent Victoria Hand
3. Agent Hand views Skye as a liability and orders that Skye…
Be removed from the plane and debriefed
Placed in permanent detention
Be shadowed by Ward for the duration of the mission
4. Under interrogation by Po, Coulson is repeatedly asked what memories the theta wave machine is eliciting. What memory does Coulson say he is reliving?
How he met Camilla
Jordan in the ‘98 finals. So clutch.
The first time he drove Lola
Graduating from S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy
5. The Clairvoyant seems to know everything about Coulson except…
Whether he wears boxers or briefs
How he was brought back from the dead.
How Coulson communicates with Director Fury
Why Coulson allows Skye to remain on the team
6. Ward uses an unorthodox method to get Vanchat to talk. What does Ward do?
Pleads for Vanchat to help rescue Coulson
Seduces Vanchat
Depressurizes the interrogation room, causing Vanchat to be nearly blown out of the plane
Removes the skin from Vanchat’s finger
7. Where is Coulson being held by Po?
A mausoleum
A smelly basement with a mold problem
An off-the-grid S.H.I.E.L.D. base
An abandoned town in the desert.
8. Who does Skye impersonate to intimidate Lloyd Rathman?
Agent May
Agent Hill
Agent Hand
Agent Simmons
9. Po has had no luck in gaining information from Coulson. The Clairvoyant, displeased with Po’s rough treatment of Coulson, does what to Po?
Fires him
Tortures him
Kills him
Makes Raina his boss
10. Why did May agree with Hand that Skye should be removed from the Bus?
Because Skye is a liability
So Skye could work outside the system
With Coulson gone, May can finally be rid of Skye
May follows orders and Hand was in charge
11. What can’t Centipede do with its soldiers?
Bring them back from the dead
Kill them
Control them
Make them strong
12. Though Coulson disagrees with the description, what does Raina compare being in the theta wave machine to?
Mountain climbing
Running with the bulls
13. How does Skye track down Coulson’s location?
The Rising Tide tells her
She asks her Twitter followers to crowdsource Coulson’s location
She follows the money
She hacks the Centipede mainframe
14. Why does Coulson willingly allow Raina to put him back in the theta wave machine?
He wants to re-experience some of his memories with his cellist girlfriend
Who doesn’t like to surf?
He wants to learn why he keeps saying “it’s a magical place” each time Tahiti is mentioned
She won’t pursue his team if he consents
15. Apparently, Skye and Simmons have a safeword. What is it?
16. What does Coulson learn about his memories of Tahiti?
They are the key to defeating Centipede
They are false memories implanted to cover up an excruciatingly painful recovery from death
They reflect what really happened during his recovery
They are a code implanted by Centipede operatives
17. Coulson is rescued by his team. Who has the honor of punching out Raina?
18. What is the code for disengaging Skye’s bracelet?
”Disengage bracelet”
“Avada kedavra”
“Open sesame”
19. According to Dr. Streiten, what was the purpose of the false memories?
The surgeons were already in there and figured Coulson might enjoy the vacation
They are a trigger that only Fury knows how to activate
To prevent Coulson from revealing S.H.I.E.L.D.'s ability to repair brains.
After what Coulson had been through they wanted to restore the man he'd once been
20. The final scenes reveal that which person, thought dead, actually is alive?
Akela Amidor’s handler
Edison Po
Mike Peterson
Centipede soldier Hayward

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