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How Well Do You Know: Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S01E09: Repairs
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1. Skye thinks the Index Asset Evaluation and Intake should have a less IRS-like name, what does she think S.H.I.E.L.D. should call it?
Helping Hand
Hearty Handshake
Welcome Wagon
Welcome To Having Powers
2. Hannah was responsible for safety concerns for what?
A particle accelerator
A nuclear power plant
A fusion reactor
A gravitonium generator
3. How does Skye refer to Ward and May and their involvement in the Welcome Wagon activities?
Scary and Frightening
Warm and Fuzzy
Strong and Stronger
Dumb and Dumber
4. Fitz or Simmons? “You know, that’s the one drawback of graduating three years early. We never got to pull any Freshman pranks on anyone else.”
5. Who does FitzSimmons decide to prank?
6. In preparation for talking with a possible telekinetic, what does Coulson do?
Puts on a bulletproof vest
Puts on his tinfoil hat
Loads the night-night pistol
Removes his tie
7. What story about May does FitzSimmons radically embellish in their pranking of Skye?
How May recruited FitzSimmons to the team
How May helped Coulson after he died
How May became known as The Cavalry
How May learned to fly
8. Hannah has a strong belief in God and believes she is being punished for her role in the accident. What does she believe is exacting that punishment?
9. Have you noticed the naming convention Fitz uses for his drones wirelessly automated to retrieve forensics? What are they named after?
The Seven Samurai
The Seven Seas
The Seven Dwarfs
The Seven Ronin
10. When the power is cut to the plane and it has to make an emergency landing, where is Fitz?
In his bunk
In the lab
In the co-pilot’s seat
Stuck in a closet
11. Which team member lets Hannah know that she isn't to blame for the bad things happening around her?
12. How does Skye describe her beliefs about God?
God is angry
God is love
God is powerful
God isn’t real
13. Who is revealed to be the ghost causing all the ruckus around Hannah?
Gerald Ford
Henry Ford
Harrison Ford
Tobias Ford
14. Coulson reveals that May was very strongly affected by what event in her life?
The Battle of New York
The Index Asset Evaluation and Intake mission that earned her the name “The Cavalry”
Coulson’s death
The death of her daughter
15. Which of Coulson’s collectibles is sacrificed to help Coulson and Skye break out of his locked office?
His walkie-tallkie watch
His signed Mickey Mantle baseball bat
A Red Skull paperweight
A flask given to him by Tony Stark
16. About how many of the sacrificed walkie-talkie watches were ever made
It was one-of-a-kind
17. May takes Hanna away from the plane to use her as bait to attract Tobias. What tool does FitzSimmons deploy to find them?
The D.W.A.R.F.S.
The Spectrographic Analyzer
The Backscatter Glasses
Golden Retrievers
18. Why was Coulson insistent that Skye pay close attention to the Intake process.
It was part of the prank being pulled by FitzSimmons
He thinks she’ll be really good at it one day
Every S.H.I.E.L.D. agent needs to know it
He wants her to write the summary of the mission
19. While playing Upwords after the mission, Simmons uses her Britishness to play which word?
20. Who pulls the shaving cream prank on Fitz?

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