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How Well Do You Know: Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S01E08: The Well
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1. Fitz thinks checking for alien spectrographic signatures one teeny rock at a time is work better suited to…
Freshman at S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy.
A monkey
Level 1 Agents
The people who made the mess in the first place.
2. Fitz or Simmons? Which one is avoiding calls from his/her parents?
3. Asgardians visiting Earth centuries ago are responsible for inspiring which mythology?
4. Coulson wishes Thor and his people would send down the God Of Cleaning Up After Yourself. The Asgardians probably have what item for this kind of thing?
A magic broom
A magic monkey
A magic robot
A magic mop
5. How do Skye and May describe Thor?
Easy on the eyes
Hot, hot, hot
6. Where is the first portion of the staff found?
Inside a tree
Buried in a cave
Encased in stone
7. Jacob and Petra declare what in flaming letters on an Oslo street.
”We Are Gods”
“Surrender Dorothy”
“Fear Us”
“Sic Semper Tyrannis"
8. Jacob and Petra are part of which group
Up With People
Norse Paganists
Free Asgardian Nation
9. Fitz or Simmons? “Just because we don’t understand something yet doesn’t mean we should regress back to the Dark Ages.”
10. Who is the “leading expert on Norse mythology” that Coulson looks to for help?
Neil deGrasse Tyson
Professor Elliot Randolph
Professor Charles Xavier
Randolph Scott
11. Professor Randolph is able to identify the staff from the portion FitzSimmons was able to recreate from the impressions left in the tree. What is it?
The Warrior’s Staff
The Buckanda Quarterstaff
The Berserker Staff
The Rod of Correction
12. What effect does the Berserker Staff have on the person wielding it?
Uncontrollable rage
13. According to Coulson, siesta isn’t mandatory, but it is…
Required by custom
Very pleasant
14. Prof. Randolph beats the team to the second piece of the staff, only to have it taken by the Paganists. Why does Randolph claim to want the staff?
He wants to add it to his collection of Norse artifacts
He wants to be the first to study it
He wants to sell it to the highest bidder
He wants to wield its power
15. Under interrogation it is revealed that Randolph is actually…
A member of the Norse Paganists
A member of Hydra
16. We learn that the interrogation room is made from what material?
Vibranium alloy
17. Randolph hoped to keep his true nature and the location of the staff a secret, but he told his story to…
Ernest Hemingway
A French girl whose priest for a brother wrote it all down in 1546
A biographer with loose lips and a poor understanding of nondisclosure agreements
18. The staff triggers a very painful memory for Ward. What is it?
An early mission where he is forced to abandon a friend to certain death
Being beaten by his brother for eating a piece of his brother’s birthday cake
The death of his mother
Being forced to watch his younger brother struggle not to drown at the bottom of a well.
19. After saving Randolph’s life, Coulson suggests Randolph relocate to which city in the Pacific Northwest?
20. Which two team members begin a sexual relationship at the end of this episode?
Ward and May
Coulson and May
Fiz and Skye
Ward and Skye

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