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How Well Do You Know: Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S01E06: FZZT
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1. Which campfire ghost story are the scouts being told as the episode opens?
The Flying Canoe
The Hook
The Crying Man
The Wailing Woman
2. Ranger Scouts leader, Mr. Cross’s death attracts S.H.I.E.L.D.’s interest because his body is found...
Floating several feet above the ground
Inside out
Melted into a tree
Encased in alien tech
3. Agent Coulson doesn’t sweat, he…
4. Fitz or Simmons? “Let’s get you some electrolytes, shall we?”
5. According to Ward, how much too heavy is the new night-night pistol?
2 grams
10 grams
1 ounce
1.5 ounces
6. Fitz or Simmons? “I’m Agent Grant Ward. I could shoot the legs off a flea from 500 yards. As long as it’s not windy.”
7. Fitz or Simmons? “I’m Agent Grant Ward and I could rupture your spleen with my left pinky. Blindfolded.”
8. According to Skye, the first victim of the electrostatic phenomenon, Adam Cross, is so squeaky clean that he makes Captain America look like what fictional character?
Tony Soprano
Tony Montana
The Dude
Don Corleone
9. The second incident with the electrostatic phenomenon leads the team to a locked barn. How do they gain entry?
Through the hayloft
Agent May kicks the door open
They ram the door with the truck
Agent Ward shoots the door open. Blindfolded. From 500 yards.
10. What do the first two victims of the electrostatic phenomenon have in common?
They are both volunteer firemen at the same firehouse
They are brothers-in-law
They have no connection
Both work at the same police precinct
11. Both victims responded to the Battle of New York as part of their firefighter squad. What did they bring back as a souvenir?
A gamma-irradiated pair of the Hulk’s purple pants
A Chitauri neural link
A fragment of Loki’s staff
A Chitauri battle helmet
12. The team discover that the helmet contains a virus transmitted by electrostatic shock. Though it claims a third victim, the helmet is recovered. Where are the team tasked with taking it?
The Fridge
The Hub
The Sandbox
The Triskelion
13. Which team member is infected by the virus?
14. FitzSimmons work on creating a cure for the virus. What does Simmons prefer to call the cure?
A vaccine
An antivenin
A counteragent
An antiserum
15. Agent Blake notifies Coulson that the helmet must make it to the Sandbox. What order does he give Coulson that Coulson pretends not to hear?
Infected cargo must be dumped.
FitzSimmons must not be allowed to work with the helmet for fear of spreading the infection.
Everyone on board will be subject to quarantine for 30 days
Simmons must be restrained and await prosecution for violating protocol.
16. When the final test of the antiserum appears to fail, what does Simmons do?
She shoots herself with the night-night gun
She opens the loading ramp and falls out of the plane
She locks herself in the lab and refuses to leave
She swallows poison
17. Who jumps out of the plane in an attempt to rescue Simmons?
18. Which office did Coulson have to deal with to get Simmons and Ward recovered from the water?
Portuguese office
Moroccan office
Spanish office
Mauritanian office
19. Simmons, feeling guilty, confesses she mislead Ward about what?
Her relationship with Fitz
Shaving the extra ounce off the weight of the night-night pistol
Her feelings for him
Mocking his mannerisms behind his back
20. Who ordered the physical tests that Coulson has been undergoing?
Coulson himself
Agent Hill
Director Fury
Dr. Streiten

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