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How Well Do You Know: Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S01E04: Eye Spy
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1. Where does this episode open?
Antwerp, Belgium
Pretoria, South Africa
Stockholm, Sweden
London, England
2. The dozens of identically dressed, red-masked men are transporting what?
Millions in diamonds
Samples of gravitonium
A deadly Chitauri virus
Millions in gold coins
3. What does Agent May like best about flying?
The freedom
The solitude
The view
The challenge
4. Fitz or Simmons? When discussing the eight round capacity of the night-night pistol, who says: “In case you miss. Or have multiple assailants!”
5. Agent Coulson asks Agent Ward how Skye’s training is coming and whether she still…
...punches like a girl
...trips over her feet when doing the leg sweep
...gets caught in a sleeper hold
...says “bang” when pulling the trigger
6. Coulson would prefer Skye not call him…
Late for dinner
Mr. Frowny-pants
7. Coulson has worked with the diamond thief, Akela Amador before. How does he know her?
He was married to her
She is a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, long presumed dead
She was his S.O. when he first joined S.H.I.E.L.D.
She is a super-secret member of the Avengers. They don’t know it, because they aren’t level 7
8. What does Akela get in exchange for the $30 million in diamonds that she stole?
The satisfaction of a job well done
The location to the Hub S.H.I.E.L.D. base
A prox card for gaining access to a secure facility
A new identity
9. Fitz or Simmons? Visiting Zloda, Belarus is a dream come true for?
10. Much to Coulson’s chagrin, what code name did the team give to the van they used in Zloda?
The Mystery Machine
Short Bus
Van Halen
Brave Monkey
11. What should the team left to mind the van use if they have to pee?
A bucket
A small water bottle
The tree
The restroom in the coffee shop at the end of the street.
12. It is revealed that Akela is being controlled. What is being used to ensure her compliance?
Her family is being held captive
The threat of revealing to S.H.I.E.L.D. that she is still alive
A prosthetic eye with a failsafe device
A bomb attached to her heart
13. May tracks Akela to a hotel in which city?
14. The team isolates the signal to Akela’s eye and reroutes it to a pair of glasses that can mimic the eye’s abilities. Which agent wears the glasses into the field?
15. Akela’s handler sends instructions to do what to the male guard that Ward needs to get past?
Kill him
Get him drunk
Knock him out
Seduce him
16. How does Ward get past the guard?
Kills him
Gets him drunk
Knocks him out
Seduces him
17. What is Akela supposed to steal from the secured room?
An equation
An 0-8-4
A virus
An alien weapon
18. The ruse is revealed to Akela’s handler when Ward…
...looks at his man hands
...looks straight into a mirror
...comes face-to-face with Akela’s handler
...refuses to steal the item the handler asked for
19. Akela’s handler is revealed to be a former MI-6 officer. What happens to him when Coulson confronts him?
A sniper shoots him
He confesses, but is unable to say who he works for
He escapes and isn’t found
The failsafe in his eye is triggered, killing him.
20. Fitz and Ward are playing cards. Who is helping Fitz to cheat?

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