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How Well Do You Know: Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S01E03: The Asset
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1. Which agent was at the wheel of the big rig transporting the Asset?
Agent Freightliner
Agent Cummings
Agent Peterbilt
Agent Mack
2. What is the Asset being transported?
An 0-8-4
A S.H.I.E.L.D. scientist
Hulk’s gamma-irradiated purple pants
Loki’s staff
3. The cowboy that sold his excavator to Dr. Hall’s kidnappers was paid in gold. Who owns the mine that the team discovers is the origin of the gold?
Tony Stark
Ian Quinn
Norman Osborn
Arnim Zola
4. Ian Quinn, to escape regulations and governmental oversight of his activities, has become a naturalized citizen of which nation?
The Cayman Islands
5. Quinn needs Dr. Hall to help him harness the effects of what extremely rare element?
6. Quinn and Hall attended university together. Where?
7. Fitz or Simmons? Who suggests using a brave monkey to infiltrate Quinn’s compound?
8. Skye doesn't have the background, or clearance, or experience to infiltrate Quinn’s compound. What does she have?
Security codes for a secret entrance
An invitation (technically, an e-vite)
The powers of seduction
Keys to the front gate
9. Quinn’s compound is protected by?
A platoon of trained monkeys
A transparent energy dome
A neodymium laser grid
Mobile sentry guns
10. FitzSimmons creates what device for Skye to use to help the team reset compound security?
A lipstick bomb
A brave robotic monkey
A compact with blush to match her complexion
A wireless router inside the heel of her shoe
11. Once inside Quinn’s compound, how does Skye gain his trust?
She reveals that she is working with S.H.I.E.L.D.
She offers to become a White Hat hacker in his employ
She reveals what the Rising Tide knows about certain financial dealings he is involved in
She seduces him
12. How does Fitz think Skye got into Quinn’s office?
She betrayed the team
With the help of a brave monkey
Guile and cunning
13. Coulson's strategy did not take into account Dr, Hall saying what?
”I’m stealing the gravitonium to sell to the highest bidder!”
”I’m right where I’m supposed to be.”
”I owe Quinn everything.”
”I’m not Dr. Frankin Hall.”
14. What does Hall intend to do with Quinn and the gravitonium?
Solve the world’s energy problems
Create extremely cheap space travel
World domination, of course
Bury them both at the bottom of the ocean
15. The team discovered who leaked Dr. Hall’s movements. Who was it?
Dr. Hall himself
Director Fury
The Rising Tide
16. Once Skye’s true plan is revealed to Quinn how does she make her escape from his office?
Quinn just lets her go
She escapes through the front door when the gravitonium device kicks in
Jumps from the balcony into a pool below
Ward rescues her
17. Fitz or Simmons? Who suggests that a catalyst be found to stabilize the gravitonium?
18. What is used as a catalyst to stabilize the gravitonium?
Dr. Hall
A powerful electrical field
A brave little monkey
19. The stabilized gravitonium is sent to which S.H.I.E.L.D. facility for storage?
The Fridge
The Hub
The Triskelion
The Sandbox
20. Once the gravitonium is stored in the deepest level of the Fridge, what is revealed?
The gravitonium is still unstable and it warps the door to its storage area
A hand reaches out from within the gravitonium
The Fridge is actually controlled by agents of Quinn
The gravitonium begins to sink into the floor

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