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How Well Do You Know: The Return of the King (Part I)
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Return of the King

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1. The film opened with a glimpse into Smeagol's salad days. When we first viewed the lad, what was he and Deagol doing?
Running in a field
Cleaning their house
Drinking in a pub
2. Why did Smeagol ask Deagol to give him the ring?
It was his birthday
He was older
The ring fit his finger better
It was engraved with Smeagol's initials
3. Who most directly brought about the death of Sauruman?
Grima Wormtongue
4. Theoden and assembled company toasted those who had previously died in battle: "Tonight we remember those who gave their blood to defend this country." How did he finish his remembrance?
We mourn your passing
Your life continues through us
Hail the victorious dead
We remember your sacrifice always
5. At what type of contest does Legolas best Gimli?
A sharpshooting contest
A goblin-killing contest
A drinking contest
A pie-eating contest
6. When Pippin swiped the palantir, we learned what odd fact about the way Gandalf sleeps?
He sleeps with his eyes open
He whistles as he sleeps
He sleeps with his feet at the head of the bed
He sleeps buck nekked
7. Which of the below did Pippin not see when he held the palantir?
The grave of Aragorn
A city burning
A white tree
8. What did Merry give Pippin when they parted ways at Edoras?
A book
Salted pork
A knife
Pipe tobacco
9. On her journey to the sea, Arwen saw a vision which forced her to turn back. The vision was of:
All the lands of Middle Earth burning
All the elves enslaved
Aragorn's corpse
Aragorn and their son
10. What was the first sign that Arwen had become bound to a mortal life?
Her hands turned cold
She lost her capacity for foresight
Her hair turned grey
Her skin became wrinkled
11. As Gandalf and Pippin went to meet Denethor, the wizard counseled the hobbit to refrain from mentioning three things. Which was not one of them?
The death of Boromir
Theoden's valor in battle
Frodo and the Ring
12. To what position was Pippin named?
Esquire of Gondor
Guard of the Citadel
Chief Lord Protector of Minas Tirith
13. Gandalf refers to the eerie quiet before the great battle begins as:
The calm before the storm
The sigh before the scream
The deep breath before the plunge
The pause before the stroke
14. Faramir's men in Osgiliath suspected the invasion would come from _______, but were surprised when the attack came from _______.
The east / Pelennor Fields
The north / the river
The west / underneath Osgiliath
The east / Orthanc
15. Back at Edoras, who noticed that the beacons of Gondor had been lit and raced in to tell Theoden?
16. What was the name of the camp where Theoden mustered his men in preparation for war?
17. Overlooking the assembled troops, Theoden estimated the number of men at:
18. Gollum's sabotage of which item led to Frodo sending Sam back home?
Their cloaks
Their elven rope
Lembas bread
Their firewood
19. As Faramir led his men out to their certain doom, Gandalf offered him this: "Your father loves you, Faramir....."
He will grieve for you if you are lost
He always have and always will
As much as he did your brother
He will remember it before the end
20. "I have wished you joy since first I saw you."
Merry says this to Pippin
Aragorn says this to Eowyn
Elrond says this to Arwen
Legolas says this to Gimli
21. What was Denethor doing as Faramir's fighters were being slaughtered on Pelennor Field?
22. What was the name of the road Aragorn and company had to take to meet the Army of the Dead?
The Road of Cirith Ungol
The Helmhammerhand Road
The Morgul Vale Road
The Dimholt Road
23. Who had a dream of "great dark wave climbing over the green lands and above the hills, and coming on, darkness unescapable?"
24. Why were the Men of the Mountain cursed?
Sauruman put a hex on them
They stole a cursed fortune from the Dwarves
They went back on their word to fight for the last king of Gondor
They had betrayed the Nazgul
25. Gollum warned Frodo that Sam would do something. Sam eventually did it, and Frodo was not happy at all. What was it?
Try to kill Gollum
Ask for the Ring
Steal Sting
Refuse to go through the Dead Marshes

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