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How Well Do You Know: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
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1. In what year did the T.M.N.T. first appear in their original comic book form?
2. What color bandannas did the original comic book T.M.N.T. wear?
1 had blue, 1 was red, 1 was orange and 1 was purple
Two of them had red, two of them had yellow
They where all red
They didn't wear bandannas in the comics
3. Who created the T.M.N.T.?
Kevin Eastman
Fred Wolf
Bob Kane
Aaron Michaels
4. In what year did the original and classic cartoon series first air?
5. According to the original cartoon series theme song, Leonard leads, and Donatello...
Dusts machines
Does machines
Destroys machines
Drinks Morteen
6. Also in the theme song, when the evil Shredder attacks, these turtle boys...
fight 'em right back
kick their a**
don't cut 'em no slack
run and hide behind April's back
7. Michelangelo has a crush on whom?
Kala the Neutrino
April O'Neal the large chesty reporter
Agnus the pizza chef
I don't think Mikey swings that way, to be honest!
8. What is the name of the vehicle the T.M.N.T. drive around in?
The Turtle Van
The Party Wagon
The Green Shellby
The Mystery Machine
9. What was odd about the official action figure sold of The Shredder? (This is still a question regarding the original cartoon series)
He was not sold separately
He had the same leg moulds as the ninja turtles, just colored all black
They spelled his name wrongly as "Shreder"
He had blue and purple armor
10. Now we move on to the live action movies... who voiced Donatello in the first and third T.M.N.T. films?
Leif Tilden
Adam Carl
Corey Feldman
Barry Gordon
11. What wrestler was inside the suit of the Super Shredder in T.M.N.T. II: Secret of the Ooze?
Andre The Giant
Kevin Nash
The Big Show
The Undertaker
12. Tokka and Rahzar are mutated what?
Rhino and Warthog
Snapping Turtle and Wolf
Husky and Beaked Lizard
I'm not falling for that....there was no such characters.
13. Who wrote the original movies theme song?
Vanilla Ice
MC Hammer
14. Let's mutate on into the next generation of questions. Now, think hard... or am I just trying to put you off what could be a simple question? How many official T.M.N.T. are there in existence?
4, DUH.
Duh, 1
Duhhhhhh 23?
15. Hope you got that last one correct. So what was the name of the fifth turtle?
Venus DeMilo
Mona Lisa DeMilo
Cuppa Ovaltine DeMilo
Leonardo's sexually confused alter-ego DeMilo
16. You will probably find this the easiest question to answer if you live in the U.K., but if you don't, then you might be interested to know that the T.M.N.T. had a different name in that region. What was it?
The Heroes in a Half Shell Half Hour
Teenage Mutated Ninja Turtles
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles
Yeah right, nice try. It was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
17. Also in the U.K., a particular weapon is illegal, and each episode of the T.M.N.T. was either edited or had a certain characters use of the weapon cut out. Which weapon would that be?
Kitana Blades (Leo)
Sai's (Raph)
Nunchuckers (Mikey)
Bo (Donny)
18. What is Master Splinter's real name, according to the movies?
Hamato Yoshi
Haruku Saki
Mitsubishi Kawasaki
His name IS Splinter
19. In 1998 the T.M.N.T. crossed over into what other bunch of heroes universe?
The Toxic Crusaders
The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Dinosaurs (Not da Momma)
None of the above would ever be able to be done due to copyrights.
20. In what year was the final time (prior to 2014) that we saw the original 1987 Ninja Turtles in an official T.M.N.T. movie or episode (yes, cartoon format, and no, not CGI)?
21. In T.M.N.T. II: Tokka is believed to be modeled after what character from the cartoon series?
22. In T.M.N.T. III: The lean green fighting machines travel back to ancient Japan. Before they do, they are seen rocking out to a song. Now, think of the artist who wrote that song, and then name another 3rd sequel movie that particular group also featured a song by them.
Back To The Future III
Lethal Weapon 3
Beverley Hills Cop 3
Die Hard with a Vengeance
23. Funny, in the original 1987 cartoon series, the turtles would eat just about anything on pizza. Yet, in the movie, they refuse to eat a pizza that has what on it, in a round about sort of way?
24. I won't help you by telling you which incarnation of the previous mentioned T.M.N.T. version this question is for, so you're on your own.

Which of the T.M.N.T. decided he/her hated the color of his/her bandanna, and wanted to change it to yellow, before being talked out of it because it would clash with April's jump suit?
Venus DeMilo
You Lie! That never happened.
25. Let's go back to a 1987 version of T.M.N.T. question. The character of Baxter Stockman was based on what movie?
Lord of the Flies
The Fly
Die Fly Die
Excuse me, Sir. But your fly is undone.
26. Venus DeMilo... what? You're tired of the "Next Mutation" questions? Ok, how about... the voice actor who voiced The Shredder, for the most part, was also famous for what role?
He was that Japanese exchange officer in "Police Academy" 3 and 4.
He was the Uncle in "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"
He was Mouth from "The Goonies"
He voiced Whacko in "Animaniacs"
27. Remember that question before about the U.K. changing a few things? Word got out to the creators, and Michelangelo would more often than not favor a different weapon. What was that weapon? (yes, it was seen in ALL versions around the world)
Two kendo sticks
His bare hands and feet
A grappling hook shell on a rope
Nah, you're lying again. You ain't getting me with this one.
28. Let's say hypothetically, if you ran into Bebop and Rock-steady today, they would...
Look human
Still be a Rhino and Warthog
Be ghosts
Be a Snapping Turtle and Wolf
29. Numbers game! What TV station number did April work for in the 1987 cartoon series, and what was the number in the first live action movie?
6 and 3
7 and 9
6 and 7
Her TV Station was 6 in the cartoon, but it was NYN in the movie.
30. Not telling you which version this ones from either. What is Mikey's favorite Elvis film?
Shake, Rattle & Roll
Jailhouse Rock
Blue Hawaii
What? He doesn't even know who Elvis is.
31. Final Question - a nice easy one. What movie character is Casey Jones' attire based on?
Michael Myers
Jason Voorhees
Roller-Ball Jones
Leather Face

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