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How Well Do You Know: Frozen
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1. Young princesses Anna and Elsa of Arendelle are playing in the castle, having fun with Elsa's magical powers, when Elsa accidentally strikes Anna. What physical change is a reminder that Anna was hurt?
a snowflake-shaped birthmark on her ear
a white section of hair
a limp
a scar in the shape of an icicle
2. After Anna is hurt, the King and Queen take the children and rush to get help. Young Kristoff and his pet reindeer Sven watch the entourage pass. Kristoff knows something is amiss because:
a snow flurry is hanging over the group, following them as they ride
one of the horses leaves a trail of ice behind it
the Queen is crying loudly and yelling for help
ice chunks start falling out of the sky as the horses pass him
3. So, the trolls erase any memory of Elsa's powers in Anna's mind, and the King insists that Elsa can learn to control her power. This results in Elsa being essentially locked away in her room, and Anna wandering the castle, alone and lonely, wondering what happened. Anna mentions in "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" that she talks to the painting of ________ as makeshift companionship.
Joan of Arc
William Shakespeare
By way of explanation.....
"Hang in there, Joan."
4. 3 years after the death of the King and Queen, it's time for the gates to be opened to celebrate Elsa's coronation. Anna is so excited to be around people, but her celebrating is cut a bit short when:
she is mobbed by the townsfolk who are excited to finally get a look at her
Elsa requests that the gates be shut again and the coronation be private
she is knocked down into a rowboat by a prince's horse
she is hurried back into the castle by her servants who are hurrying to get her into her dress
5. Anna is lucky enough to dance with the Duke of Weaseltown ("It's Weselton!"), who compares his dancing skills to that of a(n):
agile peacock
happy monkey
playful puppy
pouncing kitten
6. Anna is smitten with the handsome Hans, a prince from the Southern Isles. How many siblings does Hans have?
By way of explanation.....
Hans has 12 older brothers.
7. Elsa's powers come to light after she and Anna get into a fight at the party, and Anna accidentally pulls off one of Elsa's gloves. What were Anna and Elsa fighting over?
whether their parents would be happy with Elsa being the queen
Elsa's refusal to keep the gates open for more than a day
Anna asking for Elsa's blessing so she can marry Hans
Anna's reluctance to stay at the castle
8. Elsa runs away and heads to the North Mountain after her powers are discovered. Anna heads after her, but gets stranded after:
Elsa causes an avalanche to prevent anyone from finding her
her sled gets stuck in the deep snow
she loses one of her snow boots in the snow
her horse gets spooked by a falling, snow-covered tree branch
9. Anna finds Oaken's Trading Post and Sauna after falling in the frozen lake. She meets Kristoff when he enters the trading post looking to buy supplies, as well as ____________.
carrots for Sven
a new pair of boots
hot chocolate
a guitar
10. What does Kristoff do for a living?
stands guard at the castle
sells and delivers ice
sled transport, much like a modern-day taxi
11. Anna gets Kristoff to take her up North Mountain to find Elsa by:
threatening him
buying his supplies and Sven's carrots
offering him a large sum of money
Oaken the trading post employee kicks him out of the empty shed he and Sven were trying to sleep in
12. Kristoff, in disbelief that that Anna would get engaged to a man she met the same day, quizzes her about her future husband. Which of the following does he not ask her about Hans?
his best friend's name
his favorite food
his eye color
his horse's name
By way of explanation.....
Anna's answers: "probably John", "sandwiches", "dreamy"
13. Kristoff makes a pretty outrageous claim about all men that Anna finds hard to believe - what?
they want to marry women who remind them of their mothers
they hate to shower and be clean
they save their toenail clippings after cutting them
they pick their noses and eat the boogers
14. After being chased by wolves - an event that ends in disaster - Anna gets Kristoff to continue helping her by:
offering him a job at the palace
giving him a month's pay
promising to buy him a new sled
threatening to have Elsa shut down his business
15. Anna, Kristoff and Sven meet Olaf, a happy snowman who loves warm hugs and dreams of summer. Anna gifts Olaf with:
a carrot nose
a hat
a cup of hot chocolate
a kiss
16. Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven finally arrive at Elsa's castle at the top of North Mountain. Anna tells Kristoff she won't judge him when he says he might:
pass out, as he's afraid of heights
fall asleep
leave her alone in the castle with Elsa
cry at the sight of a castle made entirely of ice
By way of explanation.....
Anna does wind up in the castle by herself, but it's at her request - "The last time I introduced her to a guy, she froze everything."
17. After falling off a cliff onto a "pillow made of snow" when Elsa and Marshmallow the snowman force them to leave the ice castle, Anna is concerned because Kristoff hit his head. He's more concerned about Anna though, and rightly so - why?
she has forgotten who she is
she thinks Kristoff is Hans after she bumps her head
the rest of her hair is turning white
her foot is broken
18. Kristoff brings Anna to see his friends the "love experts", who happen to be the trolls who helped her as a child. The trolls are thrilled to find he's brought a girl to visit, and point out all of the ways he is a "fixer upper". Which of the following is not one of Kristoff's "flaws" mentioned by the trolls?
his slightly unnatural relationship with Sven
his blonde hair
the fact he picks his nose
his grumpy way of talking
19. After being captured, prisoner Elsa admits to Hans that:
she wants Anna to marry him
she can't bring back summer
she was cursed with these powers, rather than being born with them
she knows how to bring back summer but won't until Anna breaks up with Hans
20. Kristoff brings Anna back to the castle so she can get the "true love's kiss" from Hans. Too bad Hans turns out to be a horrible person, informing Anna of his plans to get rid of both sisters and rule Arendelle, while:
putting out the fire she needs to stay warm
tying her to the chair so she can't escape
pushing her out the window, into the snow
stealing valuable items from the room
21. Who finds and helps Anna after finding her, shivering and cold, in the locked room?
the Duke of Weselton
By way of explanation.....
Olaf picks the door lock with his carrot nose and find Anna on the floor
22. What is Anna's act of true love that thaws her frozen heart?
she kisses Kristoff
she sacrifices herself so Elsa won't be killed by Hans
she saves Olaf from blowing away in a strong wind
she pulls Sven up onto an iceberg after he falls into the fjord
23. So, Anna's heart is thawed and Elsa learns that love will thaw. Once she has brought summer back to Arendelle, she saves good ol' Olaf by:
making him his own personal snow flurry
sending him back to the freezing cold North Mountain
letting him live in the castle's walk-in freezer
keeping part of the fjord frozen so he could live there
24. Which of the following does not happen after summer returns to Arendelle?
Kristoff receives a new sled from Anna and Elsa
Elsa cancels the trade agreement with the Duke of Weaseltown ("it's Weselton!")
Kristoff proposes to Anna
Hans is sent back to his 12 older brothers after being knocked out by Anna
25. A grateful Elsa gives Kristoff the title of:
Hero of Arendelle
Arendelle Reindeer Wrangler
Official Arendelle Ice Master and Deliverer
Prince Kristoff

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