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How Well Do You Know: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 6
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1. "Mac Fights Gay Marriage": Mac is outraged after finding out that the bar does not have _______.
a bible
a valid liquor license
a working toilet
2. "Mac Fights Gay Marriage": _____________ decide to marry each other so they can get health benefits.
Mac and Dee
Dee and Dennis (ew)
Charlie and Frank
Frank and the waitress
3. "Dennis Gets Divorced": After Dee tells her (married) boyfriend he can't stay with her after his wife kicks him out, poor Bill Ponderosa goes off the deep end. What does he do, with Dee as his unwitting accomplice?
kidnaps his kids and throws them in Dee's car
breaks into his house and holds his wife hostage
attempts to run his wife over with Dee's car
sets fire to his house
4. "Dennis Gets Divorced": Charlie's uncle Jack, a lawyer, represents Dennis in his divorce settlement. Unfortunately, he seems less interested in helping Dennis and more interested in - what?
Dennis's lava lamp
the neighbor's cat
the opposing lawyer's hands
the cologne Dennis is wearing
5. "The Gang Buys a Boat": Mac compares the sight of Dee dancing to:
a "full body dry heave set to music"
the last motions of someone in the electric chair
a seizure victim
the crazy inflatable tube man at a car dealership
6. "The Gang Buys a Boat": Dennis and Mac, while at a boring houseboat party, meet a man with a hook hand. Hoping for an exciting story, they ask how he lost his hand. What's the man's answer?
"shark attack"
"kitchen accident"
"born with only one hand"
7. "Mac's Big Break": Mac wins a radio trivia contest - and a chance to take a shot at center ice at a Flyers game - but there's a bit of a problem. What is it?
Mac can't ice skate
"trainer" Charlie is deathly afraid of the Zamboni
Dennis wants to take the shot and will do anything to get Mac out of the way
Mac breaks his leg
8. "Mac's Big Break": The Waitress is one of the guests on Dennis and Dee's podcast. Frank offers her $500 to take her top off and __________.
sing the National Anthem
kiss Dee
make a margarita
drink soup out of his shoe
9. "Mac and Charlie: White Trash": Frank barters with a man at the public pool, taking his towel in return for:
a bite of Frank's hot dog
Frank's shoes
the greased watermelon Frank bought to the pool
Frank's Baby Ruth candy bar
10. "Mac and Charlie: White Trash": Mac and Charlie, stuck in an abandoned pool, decide to order take-out. Charlie wants Chinese food, but Mac says no - why?
the MSG makes him thirsty and there's nothing to drink inside the pool
the Chinese delivery guy will be too short to help get them out of the pool
he thinks that being stuck in the pool calls for tacos and margaritas, not egg rolls and fortune cookies
Chinese food makes him gain weight
11. "Mac's Mom Burns Her House Down": Frank's attempt to take care of Dee (so she won't throw him in a nursing home when he's old and infirm) ruins her chance to meet what singer?
Justin Timberlake
Jack Johnson
Josh Groban
Jon Bon Jovi
12. "Mac's Mom Burns Her House Down": Despite the rocky start, Charlie's mom and Mac's mom become friendly roommates after bonding over:
racist thoughts towards the Muslim neighbors
the desire for some marijuana
hatred of their ex-husbands
stories about their sons wetting their beds as children
13. "Who Got Dee Pregnant?": Mac shows up to the Halloween party dressed up as "Viggio Morgenstein", which angers Dennis. Why?
Dennis has the same costume and Mac looks better than Dennis
Mac and Dennis were supposed to have a "partners" costume
Dennis had wanted to wear the wig Mac was donning
"That's not his name! Have some respect!"
By way of explanation.....
Mac and Dennis were supposed to be Mario and Luigi. Only Luigi made it to the party.
14. "Who Got Dee Pregnant?" After telling their own versions of what happened the night of the Halloween party, the guys ask Dee to clarify who the father is. So...who got Dee pregnant?
Rickety Cricket
none of the above - she's not telling
15. "The Gang Gets a New Member": Charlie applies for a job as a janitor at the local high school. In lieu of a resume, he gives the principal a(n):
newspaper clipping of a Dilbert cartoon
expired coupon for a free taco
eyeglasses prescription
picture of Bruce Jenner
16. "The Gang Gets a New Member": Substitute teacher Dee forces her class to perform which play?
Death of a Salesman
17. "Dee Reynolds: Shaping America's Youth": Charlie supports a student who is made fun of/beaten up for being:
a Juggalo
a Brony
a Harry Potter impersonator
a superhero wannabe
18. "Dee Reynolds: Shaping America's Youth": Dee's class is taken to Paddy's, supposedly to watch Othello. Instead they watch ______.
Charlie's "Kitten Mittens" commercial
underage porn
Dennis and Mac's "Lethal Weapon 5"
Frank and the Waitress's sex tape
19. "Charlie Kelly: King of the Rats": Charlie sneaks _______ into the movie theater by hiding it in Dee's purse.
a stray kitten
a baseball bat
20. "Charlie Kelly: King of the Rats": Dee, Dennis and Mac take "ideas" out of Charlie's stolen dream journal and recreate them, trying to make Charlie's dreams come true. Which of the following was not part of the dream journal?
a denim chicken
a bird with huge teeth
a worm hat
a snake/cow hybrid
21. "The Gang Gets Stranded in the Woods": Dennis and Charlie hitch a ride with a trucker, who is disappointed when:
he finds out they are not prostitutes
he tries to rob them and find they only have $3 between the two of them
he admits to being gay and discovers they are not
they don't want to ride with him down to Florida
22. "The Gang Gets Stranded in the Woods": Frank becomes ill after:
trying to siphon gasoline out of an abandoned car
getting sun poisoning
eating a dead crow he found in the woods
drinking milk that had been sitting in the hot car all day
23. "Dee Gives Birth": Dee flips out on the maternity ward nurse because:
she has to share a room with a shy, quiet woman who won't speak to her
her OB is on vacation and she's stuck with his replacement, the "ugly one"
her room is outside the nursery and she can't take the non-stop baby crying
the TV in her room doesn't work, and she wants to watch "her stories"
24. "Dee Gives Birth": Post-delivery, the identity of the baby's father is finally revealed. Who is he?
Rickety Cricket
Ben the soldier (aka "Soldier of Fortune")
Carmen the tranny
Bill Ponderosa
25. "A Very Sunny Christmas": What is Mac and Charlie's Christmas tradition, dating back to their childhood days?
throwing rocks at trains
drinking a handle of vodka
climbing trees
serving meals at a homeless shelter
26. "A Very Sunny Christmas": Frank has a habit of buying for himself - and destroying - gifts that are at the top of Dee and Dennis's wish lists. This year is no exception. He buys a designer purse that Dee wants - perfect place to store his cheetos! What item off Dennis's wish list does he buy for himself?
a yellow Lamborghini
a trip to Italy
a Rottweiler puppy
the "Lord of the Rings" ring
27. "A Very Sunny Christmas": Mac makes a shocking discovery after watching an old Christmas home video - what?
Frank is his real father
his favorite Christmas present as a child was stolen by Charlie
his parents used to break into houses and steal the presents after Mac had opened them
his family was robbed at gunpoint by a mall Santa on Christmas morning
28. "A Very Sunny Christmas": Poor Charlie's having a pretty lousy Christmas. He assaults a mall Santa after making the shocking discovery that ______________.
Santa robbed his house when he was a child
that particular Santa is the reason his parents got divorced
he was molested by a mall Santa as a young child
his mother was a prostitute, and the Santas that visited his house every Christmas were customers

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