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How Well Do You Know: Jason Voorhees
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1. Let's start with some easy ones. Who was the killer in the first Friday The 13th (1980)?
Jason Voorhees
Pamela Voorhees
Eli Voorhees
Michael Myers
2. Who was the surviving camp counselor of Friday The 13th?
Nancy Thompson
Laurie Strode
Alice Hardy
Tommy Jarvis
3. Crystal Lake is found somewhere...
In the state of California
In the state of New York
In a town near Spring Wood, Colorado
Somewhere in Canada
4. We all know Jason was being impersonated in "A New Beginning", but who was the impersonator?
Roy Burns
Cal Tucker
Victor J. Faden
Junior Hubbard
5. In what Friday the 13th do we see Jason using the iconic chainsaw as a weapon?
The New Blood
Jason Takes Manhattan
Jason Lives
Jason has never used a chainsaw
6. Which of the following is the true lyrics of the famous Friday the 13th whisper chant?
Chi-Chi-Chi, Cha-Cha-Cha
Ki-Ki-Ki, Ma-Ma-Ma
Ri-Ri-Ri, Na-Na-Nah
7. Which of the following is a true statement in these questions about Jason Goes To Hell?
John D. LeMay was in both the "Friday The 13th series" and "Jason Goes To Hell"
Kane Hodder played Jason 3 times in 3 movies including Jason Goes To Hell
Robert England was the hand of Freddy in Jason Goes To Hell
Tommy Jarvis was mentioned as having married Megan Garris in Jason Goes To Hell
8. Which Friday the 13th is sarcastically dubbed by some fans as "Jason vs Carrie"?
Jason X
The Final Friday
Jason Lives
The New Blood
9. Jason's iconic mask has how many red decals on the mask?
10. How many Alice Cooper songs are heard during Jason Lives?
None, wrong movie.
11. Why is Jason's face all melted-looking in Jason Goes To Hell?
The director wanted a new look
Jason was caught in a wave of toxic waste
Jason was stung by an entire hornet's nest
Jason's soul took over the body of The Toxic Avenger
12. Jason and Freddy both paired off against each other in Freddy vs Jason, however, what prior movie by Ronny Yu showed Jason's mask and Freddy's glove stored away in the same lockup?
The Demon Locker
Warriors of Virtue
Halloween Resurrection
Bride of Chucky
13. It's no secret that Jason did not receive his iconic hockey mask until Friday the 13th Part 3. But from whom did he receive the mask from?
14. Jason is referred to as Uber Jason in which film?
Jason Takes Manhattan
Freddy vs Jason
Jason Lives
Jason X
15. What was the name given to the Jason Lives script to keep it a secret from sources leaking it to the media?
Pucker Up
Pastor Kidney
Aladdin Sane
Not Another Friday the 13th Movie
16. How many holes are drilled into Jason's mask?
17. How many Friday the 13th movies feature Tommy Jarvis?
18. When we first see Jason, what kind of object is he covering his disfigured face with?
Hockey mask
Potato sack
William Shatner mask
19. What NHL team loosely based their logo on Jason's hockey mask?
Nashville Predators
New York Rangers
Anaheim Ducks
New Jersey Devils
20. Jason stands at
7 feet tall
6 feet 10 inches
6 feet 6 inches
It's never disclosed
21. Which movie is Corey Feldman not apart of in some way?
The Final Friday
A New Beginning
The New Blood
Jason Lives
22. People say that the original theme from Friday The 13th was loosely based off of what other classic horror movies theme?
Dial M For Murder
It was an original piece and not influenced at all by anything else
23. Kane Hodder and Robert England where disappointed to find out they would not finally get to work together at long last on Freddy vs Jason, but they did instead go and work on another movie together. What was that movie?
Zombie Strippers
24. Betsy Palmer stated she only did Friday The 13th because...
She hadn't worked in years, and this was her only offer
She did it as a favor for her son who was directing the movie
She needed a new car so agreed to do this silly horror movie
She really wanted to work with Kevin Bacon
25. Who does Tommy Jarvis drag along to dig up and cremate Jason's body in Jason Lives?
That dude from Head of the Class
The nerd from Revenge of The Nerds
That wimp from Saved by the Bell
That dweeb from Welcome Back Kotter
26. How many Friday/Jason movies has Sean S. Cunningham produced? (As producer)
All of Them
27. Who was Jason's first on-screen victim?
Steve Christy
Nancy Thompson
Alice Hardy
Tina Arena
28. Three of these options contain a little truth with lies attached, which of the following is a 100% true statement?
One critic was so angry at Betsy Palmer's role in Friday The 13th that he published her address in his magazine, and encouraged people to write her and protest. He also published the wrong address.
Kane Hodder has a tattoo on the back of his lip that reads "Ki, Ki, Ki, Ma, Ma, Ma"
Sean S. Cunningham hated the idea of Jason's mask so much that he demanded the creators of Jason Goes To Hell to get rid of it and replace the mask with a motorcycle helmet because Sean thought the idea worked great in The Wraith.
The group who designed the Uber Jason look for Jason X where heavily inspired on making it look like a meaner version of Lord Zedd from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series, a show in which they loved and admired.
29. Way before Freddy vs Jason, Nightmare on Elm St gave nod to Friday the 13th by...
A Jason doll was seen in the background of one one of the kids rooms
Freddy's mother was named Pamela Kreuger
Naming a dog Jason
Having a character named Jason
30. Jason has been killed in all these ways but one. Which one has not been a way Jason has been killed?
His head was chopped up in a boats rotor
He was launched out of a barn window and impaled on metal spikes below
He was sent to hell by a magic weapon
He was burned up while entering the atmosphere of Earth II
31. What famous actor said he became an actor because he wanted to play Jason Voorhees in a Friday movie?
Kane Hodder
Derrick Mears
Hugh Jackman
Jason Statham

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