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How Well Do You Know: Back To The Future Trilogy
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1. Who was originally wanted by Steven Spielberg and Robert Zemeckis to play the role of Marty?
Michael J. Fox
Eric Stoltz
Kirk Cameron
Scott Baio
2. Michael J. Fox was unavailable for the role, due to already being committed to what?
Filming The "Family Ties Movie" and College Work
Filming "Teen Wolf" and "Family Ties"
Filming "Family Ties" and "The Secret of My Success"
He was not asked till after production was underway.
3. In the original script, what was the time machine going to be constructed from?
It was always the DeLorean
A matter-control helmet later used as a prop at 1955 Doc's house.
A ray gun Fluxing on a mirror
A refrigerator
4. What brand of four-wheel drive would Marty like to take Jennifer up the lake in?
5. What now-famous actor played a role as one of Biff's gang members in the first BTTF film?
Jason Scott Lee
Elijah Wood
Billy Zane
6. Back to the Future was asked to be changed to what title, before being refused?
Spaceman from Pluto
How I Almost Ceased to Be
Science Fiction Theatre
Tales of the Futureboy
7. What logo is seen on the front grill of the DeLorean?
8. What happens if a vehicle with a hover conversion runs out of gas while in flight?
It falls from the sky
It explodes
It's never explained
A microprocessor auto inflates a safety parachute
9. What is the maximum amount of DeLoreans that have been in 1955 at once on the same day?
10. In 1985, how would you produce 1.21 gigawatts of electricity if you didn't know where or when a lightning bolt is ever going to strike?
Drive around really fast when it storms
Hook a Tesla coil up to the electronics of the car
Plutonium should do the trick
Cold Fusion
11. Who does Biff live with in 1955?
His parents
His grandmother
His aunty
His cousin
12. What video game has Marty had a lot of practice on at 7-11?
Super Mario Bros.
Wild Gunman
Gunman of the Apocalypse
Gun Smoke
13. What does Lou tell Lorraine about Marty (Kelvin) once he discovers Marty's money he used to purchase coffee is marked as being from 1985?
He tells her to watch out, he's probably a counterfeiter
He wants her to keep a closer eye on him, as he suspects something strange is going on.
"He is your son from the future"
None of any of this took place in the movie
14. What did Strickland confiscate from Biff outside the dance?
The "Sports Almanac"
A Whiskey Flask
Money Biff had stolen from another student.
A copy of "Oh la La"
15. Why couldn't the DeLorean Marty arrived in drive under it's own power in 1885 (eventually)?
They blew the fuel injection manifold
Marty used whiskey instead of gasoline and the carburetor exploded
Clara Clayton put sugar in the gas tank so Doc would not leave her behind
None of these things happened in the movie
16. Why couldn't Marty and Doc just go back to the mines and unearth the time machine 1885 Doc had buried there, remove it's fuel injection system and gas tank, and repair the other time machine?
Doc forgot where he buried the car
So they would not risk changing the future any further
A bear protects the cave, they would die trying to retrieve it
The mine is haunted and Marty is chicken of ghosts
17. What band is playing at the county fair for the unveiling of the clock tower in 1885?
Bon Jovi
Heuy Lewis & The News
Eric Clapton
18. Which of the following items do we see Griff use?
An Electric Extending Baseball Bat
Power Laces with Auto Dryer
The TV's in the Cafe 80's to Order a Beverage
A Red Bull Hoverboard
19. Complete the following line: "Welcome to Texaco..."
"Please present your card"
"Step away from your vehicle"
"Where you can trust your car"
"Resistance is futile"
20. Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale loved working together with Christoper Lloyd so much that their next movie together right after the filing of BTTF was:
Suburban Commando
The Dream Team
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Alice In Wonderland
21. What sort of beverage does Martin McFly Junior order from the Cafe 80's?
Pepsi Twist
Pepsi Max
Pepsi Perfect
Pepsi Purple
22. Lorraine says that Marty is a really nice name - which child does she name after him?
Family dog that set fire once to the living room rug
23. How did Marty and Doc meet?
It's never explained
Marty worked for Doc as a clean-up boy
Doc was Marty's 5th grade science teacher
Doc has a big amplifier so Marty sucks up to him to use it
24. Why do the old people not want to stop and help Marty when the DeLorean breaks down?
Marty resembles someone who was wanted for murder
The old bat was just crazy
Marty is wearing a radiation suit and freaks them out
Like women, it's one of the great mysteries of the universe!
25. What type of cap does one of Lorraine's little brother like to wear?
Biker Bandanna
Mickey Mouse
Davy Crockett
26. What TV show was that same actor known for in later years?
Home Improvement
Three's Company
The Wonder Years
Boy Meets World
27. What does Doc call traveling back in time?
Goats Ripping The Space Time Continuum
Temporal Displacement
Nothing. He never refers to it
Skewing The Time Lines
28. What color is George's car in 1985?
29. What sort of car does young Biff drive?
55' Dodge
47' Ford
44' Ford
45' Dodge
30. What was the name of George's book?
Tales from Space
A Match Made In Space
The Night Darth Vader Threatened To Melt My Brain
Enchantment Under The Milky Way
31. Where does Marty live in 2015?
Hill Vale
Hill Dale
Hilly Way
Hill Bay

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