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How Well Do You Know: House of Cards, Season 2
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1. "Chapter 14": When Frank first meets with Jackie Sharp about the possibility of replacing him as whip, he cites the fact that she is:
A former Olympic athlete
A single mother
A widower
A war veteran
2. "Chapter 14": Freddy shares something unpleasant with Frank about his new butcher. What is it?
How he feeds his pigs
How he kills his pigs
Why he was arrested
A threat he made against Freddy
3. "Chapter 14": During the last moments of Zoe Barnes' life, Frank Underwood wears:
A hat
Both sunglasses and a hat
Neither sunglasses nor a hat
4. "Chapter 15": Frank's swearing-in as VP occurs:
At Freddy's
In his office
In his basement
In his living room
5. "Chapter 15": The man upon whom Frank had to confer honors, and who had assaulted Claire earlier in her youth, was an:
Army officer
Air Force office
Marine officer
Naval officer
6. "Chapter 15": Frank is faced with the limiting realities of being VP when he realizes he cannot __________ at home:
Make cell phone calls
Play video games
7. "Chapter 16": Frank: "There are two types of vice presidents: doormats and _________; which do you think I intend to be?"
Freedom fighters
8. "Chapter 16": Republicans back out of a deal on entitlement reform, leading Frank and his backers to demand congressmen appear to vote or be:
9. "Chapter 17": The Capitol building is shut down when:
An envelope is opened by a staffer
A radio station is called
A plane fails to respond to a warning
A package is opened in the mail room
10. "Chapter 17": Jackie Sharp overcomes the last bloc of Democratic opposition to the entitlement reform by using:
Cell phones
11. "Chapter 18": The first time we see Xander Feng, with whom Frank will have back-channel negotiations, he is:
Being maliciously cruel to an animal
Framing a business rival's parents
Enjoying some auto-erotic asphyxiation
Partaking in some drug use
12. "Chapter 18": Frank tours this Civil War site, where 15,000 soldiers, including a distant relative, died:
Consequence Run
Bloody Angle
Desperation Ridge
Promontory Point
13. "Chapter 19": Meechum: "Comic relief pitcher"
Frank: "Oh, that's very clever, Meechum"
What happened when Frank, years ago, threw out a first pitch in Greenville?
He beamed the team's mascot
The ball flew out of his hand and hit Frank in the head
He pulled his groin
The ball got stuck to his hand
14. "Chapter 19": Fast forward to the present time. What happens right before Frank throws out the first pitch at the Orioles game?
There is an earthquake
The Secret Service receives a death threat
Claire passes out
The stadium lights go out
15. "Chapter 20": Frank realizes that money which is suddenly funding attack ads come from:
A record label executive
A labor union organizer
A casino owner
A professional sports team owner
16. "Chapter 20": Frank gives President Walker a punching bag. The attached gift card reads:
Keep swinging
This one doesn't have a loud mouth like me
Let's see if your right is as good as your left
Time to knuckle down
17. "Chapter 21": This food is thrown about when Frank has a contentious meeting with Raymond Tusk and Daniel Lanagin at the latter's residence:
18. "Chapter 22": Freddy intends to use the proceeds of the franchising of his restaurant to buy a house for:
His daughter
His son and granddaughter
His daughter and grandson
His son and grandson
19. "Chapter 23": Tensions with China come to a head when the Chinese blockade a island belonging to:
United States
20. "Chapter 23": The man arrested for trying to bomb the Underwood residence is:
A former Secret Service agent
A former Washington, DC policeman
A left-wing extremist
A former Marine
21. "Chapter 23": Frank, Seth and Doug set Ayla Sayyad fully on Tusk's and Lanigan's trail by sending her a message in Chinese that translates as:
He who knows does not speak
Sheath the sword
Opportunity in crisis
Follow the money
22. "Chapter 24": Remy returns a gift of _____________ to Frank that Frank gave Remy when he left for Glendon Hill years ago. What is it?
A ring
A framed map
A watch
A shot glass
23. "Chapter 25": What you're asking is just shy of treason. Who says this to Frank?
Xander Feng
Linda Vasquez
Catherine Durant
Jackie Sharp
24. "Chapter 26": The season's final episode shows this veteran television newsperson interviewing Frank Underwood about the scandal:
Peter Jennings
Harry Reasoner
Morley Safer
Barbara Walters
25. "Chapter 26": This person is arrested during the season finale:
Rachel Posner
Remy Danton
Linda Vasquez
Raymond Tusk

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