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How Well Do You Know: House of Cards, Season 1
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I really liked this quiz! thank you
lightbrado 12/1/16 6:06 am


1. "Chapter 1": In his monologue that opens the series, Francis Underwood differentiates between two different types of:
2. "Chapter 1": The name of the paper for which Zoe Barnes works during the first episodes of the series is the Washington:
3. "Chapter 1": Who is present when Frank is told he will not be nominated for Secretary of State?
Linda Vasquez only
President Walker only
Both Vasquez and Walker
Neither Vasquez or Walker
4. "Chapter 1": Here's a gimme: At the end of the first episode, Frank Underwood dines on:
A pork chop
A steak
5. "Chapter 2": Frank is able to derail presumptive Secretary of State Kern's nomination over an editorial concerning which nation?
South Africa
6. "Chapter 2": When Peter Russo pays a call on Roy Kapeniak, also present is a naked woman who is named:
7. "Chapter 2": The last person fired during Claire's housecleaning at the CWI is her:
Personal Assistant
Office Manager
Public Relations manager
8. "Chapter 3": The large peach-like structure that is at the center of a girl's death in South Carolina is called the:
9. "Chapter 3": On one of her runs, Claire is startled by a woman as she begins to run through:
A deserted parking lot
A schoolyard
A cemetery
A church quadrangle
10. "Chapter 4": Frank targets a shipyard in Peter Russo's district for closure so that a __________ in Congressman Womack's district can stay open:
Air Force base
Army base
Naval base
Army hospital
11. "Chapter 4": Viewers get a sense of Zoe Barnes rather naked ambition when she turns her nose up at Tom Hammerschmidt's offer to make her:
Senior political analyst
City desk editor
White House correspondent
National Affairs editor
12. "Chapter 5": The burgeoning teacher's strike threatens to derail Claire's gala which was to be held at a:
Art gallery
13. "Chapter 5": Having drawn a bath for Peter Russo when Peter visits him at home, Frank:
Strikes Peter
Leaves Peter with a razor
Gives Peter a drink
Demands Peter resign
14. "Chapter 6": This, of course, is thrown through the window of the Underwood residence:
A grenade
A dictionary
A brick
A hammer
15. "Chapter 6": Following the incident at the Underwood household, this person comes up with the sound bite "Disorganized Labor" that kneecaps Marty Spinella's efforts:
Claire Underwood
Frank Underwood
Doug Stamper
Linda Vasquez
16. "Chapter 7": Stamper receives a handwritten note from Rachel Posner that reads: "I need more money, and not:"
In 20s
In my mouth
In exchange for my panties
With strings attached
17. "Chapter 7": After working with Peter in his office, Claire gives the Congressman a gift of:
A friendship bracelet
Expensive headphones
A video game controller
18. "Chapter 7": During one of Frank's visits to her completely craptacular apartment, Zoe traps this type of pest in a glass:
19. "Chapter 8": At his weekend down at The Sentinel, Frank reunites with a group of his school biddies known as:
The Guard
The Squadron
The Cavalry
The Riflemen
20. "Chapter 8": Visiting his mother, a newly assertive Peter Russo makes damn sure that this broken item in her room will be fixed:
The TV
The air conditioning
A light
A faucet
21. "Chapter 9": As Peter and the Vice President begin to campaign in Pennsylvania, we see the campaign's slogan on the side of his tour bus. What is it?
A Fresh Start
Making Good
Common Sense
Russo Rising
22. "Chapter 9": The day after Zoe stands up Frank, she meets with to apologize, but also to suggest ending the physical relationship. Where does this take place?
In an art gallery
At a train station
In her apartment
At a bookstore
23. "Chapter 10": Claire visits Zoe in her apartment, and makes a point of:
Asking Zoe if she needs money to buy nicer clothes
Asking Zoe if she is inebriated
Going through Zoe's things
Demanding Zoe stop fooling around with Frank
24. "Chapter 10": Frank asks Gillian Cole to intercede on behalf of Linda's son who has been denied admission to:
Notre Dame
University of Chicago
25. "Chapter 10": Who is in the room with Peter when the Congressman gives his disastrous phone interview with a radio station?
Frank Underwood
Claire Underwood
Rachel Posner
Doug Stamper
26. "Chapter 11": On a stroll through the park with Claire, Adam compares a woman ______________ to a younger Claire:
Feeding birds
Sitting on a bench and reading
Walking hand-in-hand with a young child
Flying a kite
27. "Chapter 11": Parked outside his ex's house, an inebriated Peter Russo talks to _________ on the phone
His ex wife
His son
His daughter
Both his son and daughter
28. "Chapter 12": Frank travels to this city to mean with Raymond Tusk:
St. Louis
Oklahoma City
Kansas City
29. "Chapter 13": The final episode of the season begins with Frank showing his nerves as he kung-fus a ___________ ("it wouldn't shut up"):
30. "Chapter 13": A conversation at Freddy's reveals that Raymond Tusk is interested in trade relations with this country:

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