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How Well Do You Know: Funny Farm
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1. Andy Farmer moves from the city to the country to pursue what dream?
To own his own store
To become a writer
To become a farmer
To retire
2. When Mr. and Mrs. Farmer arrive at their dream home, two companions await them in their yard. They remain there throughout the entire film. What kind of animals are they?
Two cats
A pair of raccoons
A pair of chipmunks
A pair of ducks
3. Andy Farmer is having serious issues of harassment from who?
His mailman
The former home owners
His neighbour
The plumber
4. The movers are nearly killed by a falling:
Covered bridge
Telephone pole
5. The movers are angry with Andy for getting them lost. What do they do to him for revenge?
Break a lamp
Burn his desk
Drop a table breaking it
Throw his office chair in the lake
6. What does Andy's wife find buried in her garden?
The former home owner
Multiple skeletons
A horse
7. What is so peculiar about the Farmers' telephone?
It only works in Morse code
It doubles as a smoke alarm
It's a pay phone
It only works certain hours of the day
8. What is so strange about Sheriff Ledbetter?
He rides in a taxi cab
He's 10 years old
He's legally blind
He's also the town's bus driver
9. Andy decides to go fishing in the pond in his yard. What is the only thing he catches?
A boot
A snake
A large fish with lots of teeth
A dead body
10. Andy's wife Elizabeth visits a antique shop, but as it seems everything she wants to buy ______.
Is over priced
Is already sold
Is broken
Was owned by someone who suffered a horrible death
11. Andy is asked to join a _____ team, whose members are constantly bickering back and forth.
12. What terrible thing happens to one of the men on Andy's fishing team?
He is thrown overboard
He gets caught in the propellers
He gets a hook in his neck
He gets bitten by a large fish
13. The Farmers keep receiving annoying bills from the sheriff to pay for what?
A veterinarian
A attorney
A personal injury
A funeral
14. Elizabeth buys Andy a dog for their anniversary. He names the dog after its color. What is the name of the dog?
White Dog
Yellow Dog
Brown Dog
Red Dog
15. Andy is trying to go for the record of number of lamb fries eaten. What is Andy actually eating?
Sheep eyeballs
Sheep brains
Sheep balls
Sheep intestines
16. What advice does Elizabeth give to Andy, on what to do with the story he has written?
Burn it
Change a few names and dates
Rewrite it
Give it to his publisher
17. How does Andy break his arm?
He jumps off the roof
He drives off a cliff
He hits a deer with his car
He falls out of a tree
18. Elizabeth makes a new friend with a stuffed ___.
House cat
19. Elizabeth writes a pretty morbid children's story. What happens to our friend Andy the squirrel in her story?
He falls from a tree and breaks his neck
He is eaten by a large dog
He gets run over by a truck and killed
He drowns falling in a lake
20. What does Andy finally do with the body of Claude Musselman?
He has him buried back in his yard
He dumps him into the pond
He has him cremated
He has him buried in the sheriff's yard
21. Andy is determined to stop the mailman. How does he attempt to stop his car?
With a spike strip
By rolling a large boulder on to it
By shooting out the tires
By dropping a tree on it
22. What is the last draw for Elizabeth to ask Andy for a divorce?
Burying Claude back into their yard
Him sinking into a pit of self-pity, defeatism, and alcohol and enjoying it!
Stealing her story as if he wrote it
Burning the story she wrote
23. What is the one obstacle that is preventing the Farmers from getting divorced?
Deciding who keeps Yellow Dog
Dividing their bank account
They can't afford it
Selling their home
24. Elizabeth asks the towns people to act out scenes from what famous illustrator?
J C Leyendecker
Norman Rockwell
Robert McGinnis
Dean Cornwell
25. In the last scene of the film, what are the Farmers doing?
Attending a baseball game
Eating lamb fries at their local diner
Having a picnic in front of their home
Reading Elizabeth's squirrel book to their baby

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