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How Well Do You Know: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 5
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1. "The Gang Exploits the Mortgage Crisis": Dennis and Mac pose as realtors, trying to sell the house Frank bought. They say their names are:
Captain and Tenille
Hugh Honey and Vic Vinegar
Frank Reynolds and Charlie Kelly
Rico Suave and Milli Vanilli
2. "The Gang Exploits the Mortgage Crisis": The gang winds up at the house of a couple who are looking to...what?
partake in an orgy
hire Dee as a surrogate
buy some drugs from Charlie, who they mistake as a dealer
rent out the pool house on their property
3. "The Gang Hits the Road": Charlie admits that he has never left Philadelphia. He has also never:
learned to whistle
had sex
solved a Rubiks Cube
eaten a pear
4. "The Gang Hits the Road": A hitchhiker steals Dee's car outside of Paddy's while she and the rest of the gang are:
sleeping in the U-Haul trailer
grabbing money from the "emergency fund"
searching for the spare key
buying a pear for Charlie
5. "The Great Recession": Dee quits after being asked to "defend her job" by:
reporting the daily drink specials (which haven't changed in 5 years)
making Mac and Dennis a mojito
make change for a $100 bill
wash the dishes
6. "The Great Recession": Dennis and Mac try getting new customers into Paddy's by becoming more like:
a strip club
Dave & Buster's
Hard Rock Cafe
7. "The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention": The gang decides on an intervention after Frank
propositions Dee, mistaking her for a prostitute
passes out in the dumpster behind Paddy's
crashes his estranged brother's funeral
wakes up in Baltimore with no recollection of how he got there
8. "The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention": Mac tries to avoid Dennis and Dee's crackhead cousin, nicknamed
the Garbage Pail Cousin
the Clapper
Captain Hooker
9. "The Waitress is Getting Married": Mac and Dennis create a dating profile for Charlie. Charlie has some interesting answers for the profile's questions. His greatest dislike is "people's knees". His favorite hobby is "magnets". What is his favorite food?
ice cream soup
tomato pancakes
10. "The Waitress is Getting Married": Dee throws a bachelorette party for The Waitress and discovers that
this is a "shotgun wedding"
she is marrying Charlie's estranged brother
they went to high school together
her name is Diane
11. "The World Series Defense": As Dee concocts a plan to run onto the field mid-game to kiss a player, Mac asks her to kiss a specific player, as he has written a fan letter that he wants Dee to deliver. Which Philly is the recipient of Mac's "love letter"?
Chase Utley
Ryan Howard
Jimmy Rollins
Roy Halladay
12. "The World Series Defense": Dennis and Mac's argument about which of them is stronger results in a __________ in the parking lot.
push-up competition
competition to see who has a better "model catwalk strut"
home run derby
13. "The Gang Wrestles For the Troops": Dee balks when her online suitor "Soldier of Fortune" shows up in a wheelchair, and runs from him after pretending to be a friend of Dee's. Frank gives the dejected soldier a welcome home gift - what?
a necklace with a rose bud pendant
an issue of Hustler Magazine
astronaut food
a pair of jean shorts
14. "The Gang Wrestles For the Troops": Dennis, Mac and Charlie wrestle under the name "Birds of War", but are upset with their costumes - why?
the costumes don't show off their "manly physiques"
Charlie's costume is way too big for him and he looks ridiculous in it
they look like chickens rather than eagles
their "beak" headpieces look like penises
15. "Paddy's Pub: Home of the Original Kitten Mittens": Dennis thinks that merchandising would be a great idea, and the gang makes some suggestions. Which of the following was not an idea proposed by one of the gang?
a Paddy's thong
edible shoelaces
a (real) gun that shoots liquor in your mouth
a towel with phallic images
16. "Paddy's Pub: Home of the Original Kitten Mittens": In lieu of payment for his services, Charlie and Dee "reimburse" their lawyer by
giving him coupons for drinks at Paddy's
hiring him a prostitute
giving him Mac's baseball card collection
writing IOUs for car washing, house painting and maid service
17. "Mac and Dennis Break Up": What movie do Dennis and Mac love to watch during their movie nights?
Sweet Home Alabama
Blazing Saddles
18. "Mac and Dennis Break Up": What happens when Dee tries to save a cat that has somehow wound up behind one of the walls in her apartment?
she gets trapped behind the wall with the cat
she gets bitten by a dog
her neighbor calls the police as a result of all the noise she's making
she breaks her arm after tripping on the cat
19. "The D.E.N.N.I.S. System": Dennis discovers that two members of the gang also have their own systems for getting Dennis's "leftovers" - which two?
Mac and Frank
Charlie and Mac
Frank and Charlie
Charlie and Dee
20. "The D.E.N.N.I.S. System": A carnie stabs Dee at the fair with a key instead of the intended recipient - who?
Dee's boyfriend
the waitress
21. "Mac and Charlie Write a Movie": Charlie and Mac decide to resuscitate the career of:
Jean Claude van Damme
Dolph Lundgren
"the guy who played Steve Urkel"
Scott Baio
22. "Mac and Charlie Write a Movie": Dennis's cell phone stops working after Frank takes it out of his pocket, because it's covered in
sausage grease
corn syrup
23. "The Gang Reignites the Rivalry": Charlie unsuccessfully tries to quote from ____________ at a frat party.
Back to School
Good Will Hunting
24. "The Gang Reignites the Rivalry": Dennis and Frank, both of whom are high, break into their rival's house. Dennis sets the man's lawn on fire; Frank __________.
grooms his poodle
paints his bedroom
fixes his dishwasher
does his taxes

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