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How Well Do You Know: The Wiz
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1. What is Auntie Em's biggest complaint about Dorothy?
She needs to find a husband
She needs to get a job
She needs to make some friends
She needs to face her fears
2. Dorothy chases Toto outside and gets caught in what kind of weather?
A blizzard
A thunderstorm
A hurricane
A sand storm
3. What did the Munchkins do to the witch Evermean to make her turn them into chalk drawings?
They were making too much noise
They were making fun of her
They were painting graffiti
They on her property
4. The witch that gives Dorothy the slippers also moonlights as what profession?
A artist
A school teacher
A cocktail waitress
A numbers runner
5. What color are the slippers Miss One gives Dorothy?
6. Throughout the movie, a vehicle is seen in different locations moving without a driver. What kind transportation is it?
A city bus
A taxi cab
A subway car
A street car
7. The Scarecrow proves to be most helpful in comforting doing what throughout the film?
Singing songs he makes up
Giving hugs and kisses
Telling jokes
Reading inspiring quotes
8. The Scarecrow has not been following the Crow Commandments thoroughly, and is force to sing a song. What is the song titled?
You Can't Win
I Will Never Get Down Off of This Here Pole
Thou Shalt Honor All Crows
Life Will Never Go Your Way
9. Dorothy and the Scarecrow discover the Tin Man where?
A crowded fair grounds
A city street
A abandoned amusement park
In the woods
10. Tin Man is incapable of moving when he was discovered. What was he caught underneath?
A popcorn machine
A roller coaster
The Ferris wheel
The fat lady
11. The Lion was found hiding outside what famous New York landmark?
The Museum of Natural History
The New York Public Library
Statue of Liberty
The Empire State Building
12. The Lion claims he is named after a car. What does he tell his friends his mother named him because she had high ideas?
Lincoln Continental
Fleetwood Coupe DeVille
Rolls Royce
13. The Cowardly Lion is forced to save all his friends from Chamber of Horrors subway station. What scary thing DOESN'T happen?
Ceiling titles will fall on your head
Garbage cans with teeth chase you
Electrical wires try to shock you
Pillars come alive and try to crush you
14. Instead of running into a field of poison poppies, Dorothy and her friends run into disco dancing prostitutes. What is the only thing that can wake someone who is under their hooker dream sleep?
A witch's potion
A Tin Man's tears
A Scarecrow's kiss
15. Feeling guilty about not protecting Dorothy, what does the Lion attempt to do?
Run away from his friends
Take the poison again
Surrender to the wicked witch
Jump off the roof of a building
16. After recovering from the hookers' sleep potion, Dorothy sings a inspiration song. The song's main topic is about: "In your own way be a ____."
17. A very bored Wiz decides which color will be in fashion in Oz at the moment. Which color does he NOT included as a color that is in style?
18. The city of OZ is incorporated into what iconic New York landmark?
The Twin Towers
The Empire State Building
Wall Street
Times Square
19. What does the Wiz want Dorothy and her friends to do for him?
Free the wicked witch's slaves
Take the wicked witch's magic wand
Bring back the wicked witch's broom stick
Kill the wicked witch
20. The evil witch Evillene controls a sweat shop? What does she have her slaves do there?
Make broom sticks
Make furniture
Metal work
21. Evillene singing to her slaves, "Don't nobody bring me _____."
No bad news
Nothing I can't use
22. In the movie The Wiz, how do the flying monkeys get around?
By motorcycle
By wings (duh, they're flying monkeys!)
Skate boards
23. Dorothy won't give up her slippers to Evillene, even after her friends are maimed and tortured. The only thing that changes her mind is when Toto is threatened. What does Evillene threaten to do to the sweet doggie?
Drown him
Crush him in a machine
Throw him in a fire
Have him ripped apart
24. What happens to Evillene when the water hits her?
She melts into a huge puddle
She smokes and bursts into flames
She just disappears
She falls down a giant toilet
25. What legendary comedian turns out to be the Wiz?
Red Fox
Eddie Murphy
Richard Pryor
Bill Cosby

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