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How Well Do You Know: The Spectacular Now
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1. At the beginning of the movie, Sutter Keely is writing letter to:
His father
A guidance counselor
A dean of admissions
His future self
2. Sutter characterizes his relationship with Cassidy as:
Too perfect together to last
Two polar opposites
Two forces of nature
The life of every party
3. Cassidy breaks up with Sutter over a misunderstanding following:
Sutter getting drunk at a party
Sutter getting a date for his friend
Another girl flirting with Sutter
A letter he is writing on his computer
4. Sutter and Cassidy's break-up occurred:
Under the bleachers at the school
By the side of a lake
In a coffee shop parking lot
In the driveway of a fellow student's house
5. Aimee first finds Sutter in the movie:
Asleep on the hood of his car
Sitting on her front porch
Sprawled over a bike rack
Laying on someone's lawn
6. Having just met, Sutter and Aimee bond over this, her early-morning job:
Landscaping at a golf course
Feeding animals at a zoo
Delivering newspapers
Opening a donut shop
7. The teacher Sutter is shown interacting the most is his:
Gym teacher
American History teacher
Geometry teacher
Art teacher
8. Aimee recalls to Sutter once seeing him at school wearing:
A mascot head
A pirate costume
A toga
A heavy winter coat on a hot spring day
9. Sutter's boss says he is a popular with the customers in a store selling:
Men's clothing
Kids' clothing
Medical supplies
10. Aimee introduces Sutter to a comic book called Gleaming Planet. Gleaming Planet is unusual in that:
The dialog is written in a gibberish language
The first panels on every page tell a mini-story of their own
It was first printed in 1896
It is written backwards
  • Aimee gets insights into Sutter's situation with his dad.
  • Aimee drinks from Sutter's flask for the first time.
  • The two kiss for the first time.

    Where does this scene take place?
  • In Sutter's car while the two are parked overlooking the town
    At a drive-in theater
    Along a path in the woods
    Outside a mechanic's garage
    12. She doubts she will be able to go, but Aimee has been admitted into a college in this city:
    Portland, Maine
    13. Waking up hung over the next morning, Sutter is haunted by memories of:
    Having sex with Aimee
    Asking Aimee to the prom
    Promising to move to Philadelphia with Aimee
    His break-up with Cassidy
    14. Despite her not wanting to get back together with Sutter, Cassidy continues to flirt with him:
    On Facebook
    Through notes she passes to him in class
    By email
    Over IM
    15. Marcus, Cassidy's new boyfriend, is a decent, very well-accomplished guy. He is each of the following, except for:
    Star athlete
    Class president
    Editor of the school newspaper
    Founder of a charity
    16. Marcus to Sutter: You're not the ________ everyone thinks.
    17. How did Aimee's father die?
    He was in a car accident
    He was killed at his construction job
    He OD'd on painkillers
    He shot himself with a gun
    18. In Aimee's ideal future, she and her husband live:
    On a horse ranch
    On a space station
    In an artist's community
    In Chile
    19. After they make love for the first time, Sutter confesses to Aimee that his dad is not really a:
    20. Before they go to prom, Sutter gives Aimee a gift of:
    Hand-made earrings
    A very specific amount of cash
    A photo-booth photo of the two of them
    A flask
    21. At prom, Sutter and Cassidy dance, largely at the insistence of:
    22. Aimee asks Sutter to move away to college with her as the two stand by a window overlooking:
    The prom dance floor
    A swimming pool
    A dark hall of lockers
    A football field
    23. Sutter confronts his mother about contacting his dad while she is at work:
    At a mill
    In a hospital
    At a radio station
    In a bowling alley
    24. Sutter ultimately gets his dad's phone number from:
    His sister
    His mother
    His teacher
    25. When they talk on the phone, Sutter's dad asks him:
    If he still plays ball
    If he looks like his dad yet
    If he can still walk-the-dog with a yo-yo
    If he is still afraid of lightning
    26. When Sutter and Aimee show up at his dad's at the agreed-upon time, Sutter's dad:
    Is not home
    Is incoherently drunk
    Is having sex with someone
    Has forgotten he was coming
    27. Sutter's breaking point in the movie comes when his dad tells him:
    He never really loved his wife or kids
    He left the family on his own accord
    He wishes Sutter didn't try to find him
    It was a mistake to invite Sutter out to see him
    28. Aimee barely escapes being killed when she is hit after getting out of Sutter's car because:
    He makes her
    He breaks the windshield in a fit of rage
    Sutter has passed out behind the wheel
    He hits her
    29. Which is true about Sutter's appearance at his graduation?
    He throws away his flask
    He passes out drunk
    His mother and sister surprise him by showing up
    His diploma is blank
    30. Aimee makes her way to Philadelphia by:

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