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How Well Do You Know: 2013 Movie Plots in Haiku Form, Part 2
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1. Tough man wants payback
Teams up with sexy J.Lo
To bring down bad guys.
Captain Phillips
Broken City
2. There’s a stunt biker
Robs banks to support his son
Police after him
The Place Beyond the Pines
Pain and Gain
3. Outlaw in hiding
Befriends two young boys for help
He loves a woman
The Spectacular Now
The World's End
4. Humans have left Earth
Government sends back one man
He discovers truth
After Earth
5. Brother gets kidnapped
Police won’t do anything
He’ll become the law
The Call
Man of Steel
The Heat
Out of the Furnace
6. Five guys on bar tour
Robot Apocalypse comes
There’s British humor
The World's End
Movie 43
Baggage Claim
Sunshine on Leith
7. Kidnapped girl calls cops
Operator takes action
Finds bad guy herself
The Call
August: Osage County
8. Man goes to prison
To see if he can break out
But it’s a set-up
Tyler Perry Presents Peeples
Star Trek Into Darkness
Escape Plan
21 & Over
9. Action packed movie
Fighter becomes a legend
(will then train Bruce Lee)
Battle of the Year
Ender's Game
The Grandmaster
10. Guy’s wife is kidnapped
To get her back, he’ll do crimes
And drive really fast
Pain and Gain
The Last Stand
John Dies at the End
11. US hires man
To beat up all the bad guys
He knows how to kill
Kick-Ass 2
Machete Kills
12. Two guys rob a bank
Both undercover agents
Now they’re being chased
2 Guns
Dead Man Down
13. Girl can see demons
Joins group to fight the dark side
Fantasy Action
Beautiful Creatures
The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones
Justin Bieber's Believe
A Madea Christmas
14. Guy is recruited
Controls robot with his mind
To fight large monsters
Pacific Rim
Walking with Dinosuars
Runner Runner
15. There’s a boy zombie
He falls in love with human.
Gets complicated.
Warm Bodies
World War Z
16. Guy can time travel
Uses it to win girl’s heart
So what could go wrong?
Welcome to the Punch
After Earth
The Spectacular Now
About Time
17. Guy has to get drugs
Gets “wife,” “children” for cover
“Wife” is a stripper
The Way, Way Back
We're the Millers
Identity Thief
A Good Day to Die Hard
18. High school party guy
Falls for normal high school girl
They learn about love
Safe Haven
The Spectacular Now
19. Girl Gets Medicine
Murder, Drama, Sex Happens
Something about pills
Side Effects
Upstream Color
Frances Ha
Now You See Me
20. Bad guy hired guy
Bad guy frames guy for bad stuff
Guy needs to survive
Runner Runner
The Last Stand
Out of the Furnace

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