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How Well Do You Know: 2013 Movie Plots in Haiku Form, Part 1
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1. A basketball coach
Gives discipline to dance troupe
World Championships
Kick-Ass 2
Battle of the Year
2. Girl will turn 16
She likes boy. She is a witch
Is she good or bad?
Beautiful Creatures
The To Do List
Short Term 12
3. The rapture happens
How do famous stars react
All played by themselves
This is the End
The World's End
You're Next
The Bling Ring
4. Awkward high school kid
Finds himself during summer
Working at a pool
The Way, Way Back
Ender's Game
The Lifeguard
5. Cabin in the woods
Killers come dressed as mammals
They kill everyone
The Croods
You're Next
The Purge
One Direction: This Is Us
6. Bunch of teenagers
Rob famous people's houses
Based on true story
The Bling Ring
Spring Breakers
The Fifth Estate
Dallas Buyers Club
7. Mayor hires man
To do secret work and stuff
But he’s a bad guy?
Gangster Squad
Bullet to the Head
The Call
Broken City
8. Based on true story
People move to possessed house
Spooky scares abound
Despicable Me 2
The Grandmaster
The Conjuring
9. World needs a hero
Hires kid with gaming skills
He’ll fight aliens
Jack the Giant Slayer
The Attacks of 26/11
Movie 43
Ender's Game
10. A girl shrinks her size
Joins battle of leaf fairies
Funny slug sidekicks
Beautiful Creatures
The Croods
11. A mob family
Goes to witness protection
Still acts like the mob
Stand Up Guys
The Family
The Last Stand
We're the Millers
12. Rich guy likes a girl
She’s married and has short hair
Drama and kissing
The Spectacular Now
The Great Gatsby
The Bling Ring
13. Two boxing rivals
Rematch 30 years later
Stallone. DeNiro.
Battle of the Year
Olympus Has Fallen
Grudge Match
Stand Up Guys
14. Two cops assigned case
But can they work together
They’re very diff'rent
The Heat
Bullet to the Head
Gangster Squad
Broken City
15. Guy and girl in love
Alien in girl’s body
Can the love survive?
Warm Bodies
The Host
The Moral Instruments: City of Bones
Dark Skies
16. There’s a family
Who had dealt with bad spirits
It happens again
The Purge
Insidious Chapter Two
The Evil Dead
Texas Chainsaw 3D
17. Arnold is Sheriff
He talks, shoots guns, blow things up
I don’t know the plot
Captain Phillips
The Last Stand
Pain & Gain
Before Midnight
18. Couple’s adoption
Gives them two creepy daughters
Their dead mom comes back
We're the Millers
Beautiful Creatures
Girl Most Likely
19. Crew on submarine
May cause World War 3 with bomb
Should they press button?
Captain Phillips
2 Guns
20. Two girls abducted
Dads take law into own hands
Cops ineffective
Out of the Furnace
The Call
Now You See Me

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