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How Well Do You Know: X-Men: The Last Stand
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This was harder than i thought.
tneecie51 11/15/14 3:47 pm


1. Which director was originally slated to direct the movie?
Bryan Singer
Guy Ritchie
George Lucas
Jonathan Frakes
2. Which two legendary X-men creators/writers make a cameo in the movie?
Stan Lee and Ed Brubaker
Stan Lee and Peter David
Stan Lee and Chris Claremont
Stann Lee and John Byrne
3. The Jean Grey story line is based on what legendary arc from the comics?
The Fall of the Mutants
Messiah Complex
Age of Apocalypse
The Dark Phoenix Saga
4. In the Danger Room Sequence, what is the name of the maneuver that Wolverine and Colossus pull off?
The Corbomite Maneuver
The Fastball Special
The Kobyiashu Maru
The Five Knuckle Shuffle
5. What was the name of the robot that the X-men fight in the Danger Room?
A Sentinel
Robbie the Robot
The Awesome Android
A Doombot
6. Warren Worthington has the ability to do what?
Phase through walls
Change his skin into metal
Fly on wings like an angel
Read minds
7. Which actor was punished for co-starring in Superman Returns by having his X-men character killed off?
Hugh Jackman
Kelsey Grammer
Ian McKellan
James Marsden
8. What is Mystique's real name?
Raven Simone
Raven Darkholme
Raven Whiteholme
Raven Stewart
9. Which actress from the film Juno was in X-Men 3?
Famke Janssen
Anna Paquin
Ellen Page
Halle Berry
10. Shawn Ashmore, who played Bobby Drake in the movie, has made guest appearances on a CW show, on which his twin brother Aaron is a regular. What is that show?
Gilmore Girls
Gossip Girl
11. Vinnie Jones, who plays the Juggernaut, is famous for playing which sport?
(American) football
12. What was the name of the jet the X-Men use?
The Quinjet
The Blackbird
The Fantasti-car
The Pogo Plane
13. Instead of driving a vehicle, or flying over to Alcatraz Island, how does Magneto get his team of mutants over to the Island?
Steals the Shield Hellacarrier
Uses the Justice League's matter/tranporter
Has them swim over
Rips the San Francisco Bridge in half and connects it to the island
14. Eric Dane, who plays Jamie Madrox: The Multiple Man, is a member of which TV medical show?
Chicago Hope
Grey's Anatomy
Private Practice
15. The character or Piotr Rasputin is from what country?
The United States
16. What color hair does Charles Xavier have?
He's, um, BALD!
17. Which X-men die in the film?
Kitty Pryde and Jubilee
Jean Grey and Scott Summers
Colossus and Scott Summers
Iceman and Storm
18. Though his body was destroyed, what happened to Xavier's consciousness?
He transferred it to a brain-dead man
It was contained in the M'Karran Crystal
He placed it Magneto's brain and said 'Remember'
He transferred it into a mirror in the Xavier Institute
19. What state is the Xavier Institute located in?
New York
New Jersey
20. What position did Henry McCoy serve under the President?
Secretary of State
Government Liaison to the Avengers
The Presidential Secretary
Secretary of Mutant Affairs
21. What was the name of the company that developed the cure for Mutants?
Stark Industries
Worthington Labs
Wayne Industries
22. How was the cure for the mutants developed?
It was purchased at Costco
Mutant DNA was rewritten using Nanite technology
Through Logan's DNA and healing factor
By using Leech's DNA

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