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How Well Do You Know: Despicable Me 2
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1. The film opens as metal objects are stolen from a very _________ location:
2. Scene change to Agnes's birthday party, where we see the Minions in costume as:
Doctors and nurses
3. The fairy princess booked for the party cannot make it, so Gru saves the day when he appears as:
4. Gru meets agent Lucy Wilde, who criticizes Gru when he:
Uses outdated weaponry
Calls for his Minions
Announces his weapon before firing it
Badly misfires his weapon
5. Lucy abducts Gru with a taser she fires from a:
Cigarette lighter
Lipstick container
Mascara brush
6. Lucy takes Gru to meets Silas Ramsbottom (snicker, "bottom") at his headquarters:
Under water
Orbiting the earth
Inside the Statue of Liberty
On the top of a mountain
7. Lucy and Silas Rambottom work for this organization:
Reformed Criminal Crusaders
Moral Do-gooders of America
Amalgamated Justice Corporation
Anti Villain League
8. Lucy explains that PX-41, a mutation serum, was stolen. Video shows PX-41 being injected into an adorable:
9. Gru resists recruitment into the AVL, explaining he is developing a line of:
Now-Seen-on-TV products
Jams and jellies
Handmade napkins and handkerchiefs
Waterproof sidewalk chalk
10. Dr. Nefario tells Gru that he is seeking employment elsewhere, primarily because:
He no longer believes in Gru's mission statement
He needs a better salary, having made lots of ill-advised investments
He misses being evil
He is growing tired of the Minions
11. The first Minion is kidnapped from Gru's as he is:
Cleaning the fireplace and chimney
Vacuuming the floor
Making origami Minions
Hanging curtains
12. Gru sets up at the mall in a cupcakery called:
Bake My Day
Giggles Cupcakes
Damn! It's Cupcakes
13. Gru and Lucy soon after meet Eduardo Perez, proprietor of:
The Taco Truck Store
Tostada Tostada Tostada
Muy Bueno
Salsa y Salsa
14. While Gru thinks Eduardo reminds him of El Macho, he recalls El Macho died in a very macho manner, involving each of the following except:
200 pounds of explosive
A tornado
A shark
A volcano
15. Gru helps little Agnes practice her part for the ____________ show:
Veterans Day
Minions Day
Reformed Villains Day
Mothers Day
16. The next two Minions to be kidnapped (along with a cat, which is quickly returned) were about to engage in this sporting activity:
Figure skating
17. When Gru and Lucy break into Eduardo's restaurant, Gru is savagely attacked by a:
Mind-altered Lucy
18. Most of the remaining minions are taken on the street when they approach what appears to be a/n:
Fire truck
Ice cream truck
Fire hydrant
19. Margo is downright smitten by Eduardo's son Antonio, who she sees firs the first time in the mall:
By the slushee machine in the food court
By the fountain
Riding up an escalator
Making paper airplanes with mall maps
20. Lucy has implanted a sensor which will detect the serum:
In Gru's belt buckle
In the hem of his underwear
In a fake chin
In the heel of his boot
21. The kidnapped Minions seem to have been transported to:
An abandoned amusement park
An Old West jail
A beach
A junkyard
22. When Gru realizes he is smitten with Lucy, he launches into a montage of happiness which shows him performing this civic duty:
Giving seniors piggy-back rides to the library
Helping ducks cross the street
Hanging a flag at City Hall
Changing a flat tire for nuns
23. When the AVL arrests Floyd Eagle-san for the theft of the PX-41, Lucy is to be transferred to this country:
24. Frustrated that he cannot summon the courage to call Lucy for a date, Gru does this to the phone:
Smashes it and feeds it to Kyle
Takes a flamethrower to it
Cooks it in the microwave
Wraps it in explosives and drops it into the toilet
25. Gru and the girls arrive at Eduardo's house/compound for a party celebrating:
Cinco de Mayo
The opening of a second Salsa y Salsa
Antonio's birthday
Eduardo being awarded a medal for research
26. Gru gains access to Eduardo's lair by stepping on a sequence of tiles, which:
Seals a series of trap doors
Plays a well-known folk tune
Generates a laser light rainbow
Grow smaller and smaller when Gru steps on them
27. Having been injected with the PX-41, the Minions turn this color:
28. Who first injects a mutated Minion with the antidote?
Dr. Nefario
29. Who presses the button that launches Gru and Lucy toward the volcano?
Dr. Nefario
A mutated Minion
An un-mutated Minion
30. At the wedding of Lucy and Gru, we are treated to a Minionese version of this ballad:
Backstreet Boys' I Want It That Way
Extreme's More Than Words
All 4 One's I Swear
Boyz II Men's I'll Make Love to You

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