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How Well Do You Know: Never Been Kissed
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1. As the film opens in the present day, Josie Geller is standing on a:
Race track
Baseball diamond
Parking lot
Football field
2. Josie works at a well-known newspaper in this city:
Washington, DC
St. Louis
3. This is Josie's position at the newspaper:
Cub reporter
Copy editor
Advice columnist
Style editor
4. We get a glimpse of Josie at home, crafting the latest in her collection of many, many:
Paintings of cats
Stuffed animals
Macrame pot holders
5. The idea for Josie to go undercover to high school comes from:
The paper's editor-in-chief
Josie's boss Gus
The newspaper's sports editor
6. Josie borrows Rob's car, which Rob has named:
7. In high school, Rob's chance at a future in baseball is derailed by:
Drug usage
Academic suspension
A broken elbow
A bout of mono
8. For her first day in high school, Josie dresses head-to-toe in this color (bad choice):
9. Josie's awkwardness is magnified when she is forced to wear this item, after she arrives in class late:
Clown nose
Wedding dress
10. Attraction inevitably forms between Josie and Sam Coulson, who teaches this class:
World history
Political science
11. Josie's first friend in high school is Aldys, who introduces Josie to an academically-oriented group called the:
12. Josie recalls with horror her experience at her original high school prom, which she was asked to by a supposed dreamboat named:
Jason Love
Billy Prince
Trevor Sands
Mike Castle
13. Super-cool Guy Perkins has coined this hip new term, which he is spreading around school:
14. As they are nowhere cool enough, Josie and Aldys are chased away by Guy from the hang-out spot known as:
The Point
The Court
The Joint
The Ridges
15. Man in the Van George gives Josie a camera mounted in a pin shaped like:
A flower
A heart
An angel
16. By the end of the movie, Sam has broken up with his girlfriend, who:
Is the Vice Principal
Lives in a different city
Who is a reporter at a rival newspaper
Is a well-known TV anchor
17. Still trying to fit in, Josie goes to a club, where she:
Eats a drugged brownie
Drinks a spiked drink
Is hit on the head by falling stage lights
Slips while falling and lights herself on fire
18. The next day, Josie has this word stamped on her forehead:
19. Josie's original high school prom nightmare was complete as she was assaulted with:
Dirty water
20. Rob gains instant popularity at the high school by:
Arm-wrestling the school bully
Eating a vat of cole slaw
Holding a lit firecracker in his fist
Strips down until he is wearing only a single, well-placed sock
21. At a fair, Josie and Sam:
Ride a Ferris wheel together
Try to sink someone on a dunk tank
Challenge each other at Whack-a-Mole
Paint each other's faces
22. There are several references in the movie to this Shakespeare play, which Sam is teaching in his class:
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Twelfth Night
Romeo and Julie
As You Like It
23. Josie comes up with a new theme for prom, when the school realizes that a rival school has stolen its idea for prom. What was the original theme for prom?
The Essence of Cool
The Millennium
Enchantment under the Sea
Hug the Earth
24. Rob's date for prom is a very enthusiastic (and very young) girl who is a:
National Merit Scholar
Drama geek
25. Sam surprises Josie when he tells her that he has secured her an interview with this prestigious university:
University of Chicago
Notre Dame
26. As Josie goes as Shakespeare's Rosalind for prom, Rob appears as a character made famous by:
Tom Cruise
Mel Gibson
Charlie Sheen
Tom Selleck
27. Aldys and the other Denominators take an alternative approach to their prom outfits, going as:
Piano keys
A number line
28. It's prom night. Are either Rob or Josie named prom king/queen?
Neither are
Josie is, but Rob isn't
Rob is, but Josie isn't
Both Rob and Josie are
29. As she dances with Guy, Aldys is nearly assaulted with:
Dog food
Pasta sauce
A Slurpee
30. At the end of the film, Josie asks for five minutes on the clock, during which time Sam must come onto the field to meet her. Well?
He comes out as soon as the countdown starts
He comes out with seconds left
He comes out shortly after the countdown ends
He comes to see Josie the next day

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