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How Well Do You Know: Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
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Terminator 3

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1. Why does John Connor have need of the veterinarian's clinic?
He accidentally hit a deer with his bike.
His dog got hit by a car.
His bike accident has him in need of pain medication.
His ex-girlfriend works there.
2. When we first see Kate Brewster, she is doing what?
Cataloging the various drugs at her clinic.
Healing a sick kitty.
Picking out gifts for her wedding registry.
Standing in line at Dodger Stadium
3. Where does the older Terminator model pick up some new threads?
J.C. Penney
Ladies Night at the Desert Star, thanks to a male stripper
L.L. Bean
Village People's Sex Club
4. How does Kate know John?
He is her fiance.
John worked for her father.
Kate worked for his mother.
They went to junior high together.
5. John makes his escape from the Terminator rumble by driving what?
A Ford Festiva
A motorcycle
A police car
A Toyota Tundra
6. The Terminatrix (aka the T-X) drives some sort of giant construction vehicle, complete with swinging hook. What does the Terminator drive after he gets knocked off the swinging hook?
An ambulance
A fire engine
A limousine
A train
7. In what way is the T-X not the superior killing machine?
More intelligent
More powerful
8. "Hey, are you gonna pay for that?"
"Currency is not used in my time period."
"Do not make me terminate you."
"No, but you will be pleased to know that I am not going to terminate you, either."
"Talk to the hand."
9. What happened in Mike Kripke's basement?
John and Kate argued about the Tom Tom Club.
John and Kate made out.
John was arrested.
Sarah spanked John in front of Kate.
10. What is buried in Sarah's coffin?
Enough artillery to make France surrender.
Keys to a Humvee and the hand from Terminator 2: Judgment Day.
Passports and money
Sarah. Duh.
11. How did Sarah die?
Car wreck
12. What happens when Kate shoots the Terminator at the grave site?
The bullet goes out his cheek, but he doesn't bleed.
His sunglasses get broken.
He spits out the bullet and says, "Don't do that."
She says, "I hate you frakkin' Cylons."
13. Who counsels Kate about all the recent surprises in her life?
Her father, Robert
Peter Silberman, who also counseled Sarah Conner in T2
Scott Peterson, her boyfriend
The Terminator
14. "Drop your weapon and..."
the coffin?!"
the door?!"
the people?!"
"the screwdriver?!"
15. When Kate goes to greet her fiance at the cemetery, what happens?
He points behind her at the Terminator and shouts a warning before getting shot.
He shapeshifts, revealing the identity of the T-X.
John tackles him, believing the man to be a terminator.
The T-X blows his head off right in front of her.
16. What weapon does the Terminator use to save Kate from the T-X at the cemetery?
airborne hearse
helicopter air-to-ground missile
rocket launcher
steel girders from the construction site
17. When her primary weapon is damaged, the T-X switches off to what weapon?
Grenade launcher
Hand cannon (literally)
18. Whose instructions is this Terminator instructed to follow?
John Connor
Kate Brewster
Robert Brewster
The Terminator is self-aware.
19. When the Terminator refuses to save Kate's father, what threat does John make?
He will leave Kate behind in the Mojave Desert.
He will melt this terminator just like he did the last one.
He will ruin Arnold's gubernatorial candidacy.
20. In the future, who kills John Conner?
Kate Brewster-Conner
A T-101
A T-1000
21. Upon entering the Skynet facility, the T-101 shoots whom in front of Skynet boss Robert Brewster?
John Connor
Kate Brewster
The TX disguised as John Connor
The TX disguised as Kate Brewster
22. The two terminators have a dramatic final battle (for them) in what room?
The bathroom
The break room kitchen
The janitor closet
The server farm
23. Of whom does Kate remind John?
Her father
His mother
The T-X
24. How does the T-101 finally kill the T-X?
Dumps her into a smelting vat.
"Eats" her CPU.
Encases her in concrete.
Shoves a fuel cell in her mouth.
25. What happens at the end of Rise of the Machines?
John Connor assumes control of the military.
John Connor assumes control of America.
Judgment Day.
The T-101 runs for president and wins. It's a prequel to The Simpsons Movie!

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