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How Well Do You Know: Knocked Up
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1. What did Sadie google?
Kim Possible images
Wardrobe malfunction
2. Jason and Martin make a bet at the beginning of the movie. What is Martin not allowed to do for an entire year?
Drink beer
Have sex
Shave his beard or cut his hair
Smoke weed
3. What is the name of the Web site Ben and his friends are creating?
4. Where does Alison work?
Spike TV
TV Guide Channel
5. What movie's greatness do the guys discuss at the club?
The 40 Year-Old Virgin
Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy
6. What does Ben say when Alison takes off her blouse?
"Do you use moisturizer?"
"I don't have to take my shirt off, do I?"
"You're prettier than I am. A lot."
7. How did Jonah fix his broken elbow?
He ignored it
He took some ibuprofen
Smoked some weed and it was all better (even though it has a slight click)
Went to the emergency room and got treated by a hot doctor
8. What does Ben say is interesting about Matthew Fox (of TV's Lost)?
He has a tattoo of an ostrich
He was dreamy on Party of Five
His beautiful blue eyes
9. Who is the first person we *see* Alison interview?
Andy Dick
James Franco of Spider-Man
Matthew Fox
Steve Carell
10. Ben says that their baby will be what?
11. What game does Ben play with Debbie and Pete's kids?
Hide and seek
Hop scotch
12. Why does Jason want to get Felicity Huffman pregnant?
Because he knows it will hurt William H. Macy. He hated that guy in The Cooler.
Ever since Transamerica, he can't get her out of his mind
He loves Sports Night almost as much as does
He thinks Desperate Housewives would do filthy things in bed
13. If Alison had to choose one of Ben's roommates to include in a threesome, which one would it be?
14. What does Ben give Alison when he proposes to her?
A candy ring
An empty box
A piece of string
A top-notch ring from De Beers
15. Debbie thinks that Pete is cheating on her when he is gone all the time. What is he actually doing?
Cheating on her
Going to casinos
Playing fantasy baseball
Taking cooking classes
16. What happens when Ben and Alison are having sex?
The baby gives Ben a "bad kick"
Sadie walks in and screams "Monster!"
Alison calls out Ryan Seacrest's name
They have a "who's fatter" debate
17. What happens that makes Alison lose faith in Ben?
He has a car accident while stoned
He misses a gynecologist appointment
He rescues his bong instead of her during an earthquake
His cellphone gets cut off again
18. Pete says marriage is like an unfunny, tense version of...
American Gladiators
The Dick Van Dyke Show
Everybody Loves Raymond
Father Knows Best
19. What infection do Jason, Jonah and Jay get?
Pink Eye
20. What does Pete obsess on while he and Ben are in Vegas?
Roller coasters
21. Where does Pete get to go?
Knott's Berry Farms
Six Flags
22. When Ben shows up to theoretically save the day, where does he find Alison?
Luxuriating in the bathtub
Passed out on the kitchen floor
Throwing up in the bathroom
Waiting impatiently on the doorstep
23. What is the delivery emergency?
Alison's sister doesn't show up like she's supposed to
Her original gynecologist faints
Alison is having a breach birth
The umbilical cord is wrapped around the baby's neck
24. Where is Dr. Howard, Alison's chosen gynecologist?
At a Bar Mitzvah in San Francisco
In the Caribbean
In Vegas, getting a lap dance
Stuck in traffic after a Dodgers game
25. As he drives Alison and the baby home, Ben says he won't drive faster than...?
12 MPH
25 MPH
35 MPH
50 MPH

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