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How Well Do You Know: TV Families, Part II
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1. The Cleavers
8 Simple Rules
Leave It to Beaver
Dark Shadows
2. The Chases
Leave It To Beaver
My So-Called Life
Falcon Crest
Eight Is Enough
3. The Bunkers
The Munsters
Everybody Hates Chris
My Three Sons
All in the Family
4. The Ewings
Dirty Sexy Money
5. The Cunninghams
Melissa & Joey
Happy Days
Modern Family
The Jeffersons
6. The Petries
Family Guy
The Dick van Dyke Show
The Nanny
7. The Thatchers
Pretty Little Liars
Downton Abbey
Life Goes On
8. The Stephens
Lost in Space
Judging Amy
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
9. The Weirs
Knots Landing
Petticoat Junction
Freaks and Geeks
Phineas and Ferb
10. The Huxtables
Beverly Hills 90210
My Favorite Martian
The Cosby Show
Family Ties
11. The Taylors
The George Lopez Show
According to Jim
Good Luck Charlie
The Andy Griffth Show
12. The Bundys
The Honeymooners
Jake 2.0
Married with Children
13. The Douglases
Growing Pains
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
No Ordinary Family
My Three Sons
14. The Owenses
Family Affair
Mr. Belvedere
Third Rock from the Sun
15. The Barones
The Middle
7th Heaven
Everybody Loves Raymond
16. The Harpers
The New Adventures of Old Christine
Two and a Half Men
American Dad
17. The Ingallses
Army Wives
Little House on the Prairie
Full House
The Wonder Years
18. The Brocks
Mr. Belvedere
I'll Fly Away
Picket Fences
The Bernie Mac Show
19. The Winslows
Blue Bloods
Family Matters
Dog with a Blog
Gary Unmarried
20. The Matthews
Boy Meets World
I Love Lucy
Arrested Development

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