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How Well Do You Know: 2013-2014 NFL Playoffs
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1. There's no place like home, and if seedings hold up, the AFC and NFC championships will be played out at these venues:
Sports Authority and Bank of America
Gillette and CenturyLink
Sports Authority and CenturyLink
Gillette and Bank of America
2. Meanwhile, each of the following will host a game during the first weekend of the postseason, except for:
Candlestick Park
Lucas Oil Stadium
Lincoln Financial Field
Paul Brown Stadium
3. The list of playoff teams that went a perfect 8-0 at home this year is as follows:
Carolina, Cincinnati, Indianapolis
Indianapolis, New England, San Francisco
New England, Cincinnati, New Orleans
Seattle, Indianapolis, New England
4. Meanwhile, it's a little strange to see a playoff team without a winning record at home, but this team enters with a meager 4-4 record on its home turf:
Kansas City
San Francisco
By way of explanation.....
Green Bay barely eked out a winning home record, going 4-3-1
5. While the defending champion Ravens will enjoy the postseason from the cushiony comfort of their own armchairs, last season's Super Bowl runners up San Francisco enters the playoffs seeded:
6. Do some quick cogitating and identify the number of repeat division winners in the postseason this year:
By way of explanation.....
Only the Broncos and Patriots won their divisions last year as well
7. Things that are hard to believe, Part 1: No team from this NFL division has ever repeated as champion.....this year included
AFC West
AFC South
NFC South
NFC North
By way of explanation.....
8. Things that are hard to believe, Part 2: Call your bookie, as the Super Bowl winner has already been decided. Since 2009, the team that the Eagles played in its home opener has gone on to win The Big Game. That means that this year, the _______ will rule over all of footballdom:
9. According to our foreign correspondent, none other than Kate Middleton streaked nude onto the field during this playoff team's victory at Wembley stadium during the 2013 season:
Green Bay
Kansas City
San Francisco
New Orleans
10. Possibly dozens of people worldwide correctly predicted the torrid start of the Kansas City Chiefs, who won their first ________ games of the season:
11. Let's talk league leaders. Will the league's #1 sackmeister play in the postseason this year?
Yes, for Carolina
Yes, for Indianapolis
Yes, for San Francisco
By way of explanation.....
Mr. Robert Matthis tackled the quarterback nineteen and one half times during the year.
12. The NFL's top rusher for the 2013 season will suit up for the playoffs wearing:
Orange and black
Green and gold
Blue and neon green
Green and white
By way of explanation.....
Mr. LeSean McCoy ran for 1,607 yards
13. And will the league's top receiver play in the postseason?
Yes, for Denver
Yes, for Green Bay
Yes, for Carolina
By way of explanation.....
The league's receiving mark of 1.646 yard was recorded by Josh Brown, who plays for the Browns. Cleveland is most decidedly not in the playoffs
14. Exactly one team charges into the postseason with a winning streak greater than three games.....and that team is:
San Francisco
New England
By way of explanation.....
The Niners won six straight to close out the regular season
15. Now, please consider team statistics. The fewest points this season were surrendered by:
The 49ers
The Seahawks
The Chiefs
The Bengals
By way of explanation.....
The 231 points given up Seattle were 10 fewer than Carolina
16. Meanwhile, the most points accumulated during the season were amassed, unsurprisingly, by:
New Orleans
New England
By way of explanation.....
The Broncos' 606 points were a shocking 161 better than Chicago's
17. The Broncos' top scoring offense and porous defense means they did not lead the league in point differential, right? Right??
Right, Seattle's point differential was best
Right, Kansas City's point differential was best
Right, New England's point differential was best
By way of explanation.....
Denver finished with a league best +207 points. Seattle was second best at +186
18. Much has been made of the Broncos' scoring proclivity this year. During the season, only one team prevented Denver from scoring more than 20 points in a game. Name that team:
By way of explanation.....
Denver's season low in points came during a Week 15 27-20 loss to the Bolts
19. A win-or-go-home game played out on the regular season's final day between two teams from these conferences, with the winner getting in the playoffs and the loser sidelined for the postseason:
NFC East and AFC North
AFC North and NFC North
NFC North and NFC East
AFC South and NFC East
20. Three shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. This division sends a trio of teams to the postseason:
AFC West
NFC South
NFC West
AFC South
21. The Houston Texas rattled off 14 straight losses to finish off their season. That means that they started 2-0, with the first of those wins coming courtesy of this playoff team:
San Diego
22. This coordinator had to pull up his big boy pants when he had to fill in for his team's head coach for several weeks during the season:
Greg Manusky
Jack Del Rio
Matt Patricia
Adam Gase
23. Team A let its coach go last season. Team B hired the man. Neither Team A or B were in the playoffs last year. Both play in the postseason this year. We know this sounds a lot like math, but who is Team B in this scenario?
Kansas City
24. The Guinness World Record for stadium noise was set at three different times this season, as these two teams' faithful took turns setting the mark:
Denver and Kansas City
Seattle and Kansas City
Indianapolis and Seattle
Kansas City and New Orleans
25. Peering back through the mists of history, we see that this team has not won a playoff game since 1991, and holds the longest such streak in the league:
Kansas City

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