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How Well Do You Know: 2013: The Year in Movies, Part 3
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1. Benedict Cumberbatch was omnipresent in 2013. Which of following movies did not feature him?
12 Years a Slave
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
Lee Daniels' The Butler
Star Trek Into Darkness
By way of explanation.....
Cumberbatch is the voice of both Smaug and the Necromancer in The Hobbit.
2. Melissa McCarthy is to Jason Bateman and Sandra Bullock as ____________ is to James Franco and Leonardo DiCaprio.
Jesse Eisenberg
Ed Helms
Jonah Hill
Craig Robinson
By way of explanation.....
Just as McCarthy co-starred with Bateman and Bullock, so did Hill co-star with Franco (This Is the End) and DiCaprio (Wolf of Wall Street).
3. Hollywood suffered a major loss when Paul Walker died in a tragic car accident. How many of the six Fast & the Furious movies had he appeared in?
By way of explanation.....
He appeared in every film except for Tokyo Drift.
4. We say Frances, you say,
From France
By way of explanation.....
Frances Ha is director Noah Baumbach's 2013 comedy-drama
5. Another year, another zillion animated films. Which of these was not released during calendar year 2013?
The Croods
Monsters, Inc.
By way of explanation.....
Monsters University, not Monsters, Inc., was released in 2013.
6. In the immortal words of Randy Newman, "It's money that matters." Which of these is not among the 10 best global box office performers of calendar year 2013?
Catching Fire
Fast & Furious 6
Star Trek Into Darkness
7. We'll believe it when we see it, but this director allegedly retired during 2013.
Pedro Almodovar
Steven Soderbergh
Martin Scorcese
Ridley Scott
8. Assuming Soderbergh wasn't lying (did you get the last answer right?), his last theatrical release was...
Beyond the Candelabra
Magic Mike
Side Effects
By way of explanation.....
Beyond the Candelabra was an HBO film because it couldn't find a theatrical distributor. Side Effects was his last film in movie theaters.
9. Tyler Perry was everywhere again in 2013. Which of these films in no way involved him?
A Madea Christmas
Movie 43
Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor
10. The Bling Ring is a crime film about actual robberies of Hollywood celebrities. For reasons beyond our understanding, this victim of the real-life crimes makes an appearance in the film, not counting news archive footage.
Orlando Bloom
Lindsey Lohan
Paris Hilton
Audrina Patridge
By way of explanation.....
Hilton actually appears; the others are solely in archive footage.
11. You've probably already forgotten, but there was a new Superman movie in 2013. Who portrays the Man of Steel this time?
Ben Affleck
Armie Hammer
Henry Cavill
Michael Shannon
12. In an odd turn of events, this respected actor dropped out of a role as the key villain in Despicable Me 2 only two months before its release.
Benjamin Bratt
Andy Garcia
Al Pacino
Jason Segel
13. The entire third act of this 2013 blockbuster was reshot because the original version was terrible. Surprisingly, the movie still made a ton of money and was well reviewed.
Fast & Furious 6
Man of Steel
The Wolverine
World War Z
14. Which of these films did not feature either a real or a fictitious American president?
12 Years a Slave
Lee Daniels' The Butler
Olympus Has Fallen
White House Down
15. Tony Soprano himself, James Gandolfini, unexpectedly passed away in June 2013. Which of these wound up being his last theatrical release?
Enough Said
The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
Not Fade Away
The Oranges
16. The director of The Conjuring also created this sequel/re-imagining.
Evil Dead
Fast & Furious 6
Insidious Chapter 2
The Last Exorcism Part II
By way of explanation.....
You might have laughed at Fast & Furious 6, but he is directing the seventh installment.
17. Which movie became the first non-Harry Potter title to feature a Quidditch match?
The Hangover Part III
The Internship
Kick-Ass 2
Monsters University
18. This actor was the unlikely choice to portray Steve Jobs in a 2013 film. On a seemingly unrelated note, the film bombed.
Christian Bale
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Ashton Kutcher
Noah Wyle
By way of explanation.....
Or maybe it was related...
19. Gravity was a glorious exercise in minimalism. Not counting voice actors, how many on-camera roles were there in the movie?
By way of explanation.....
We see one other face besides Bullock and Clooney, but it's... well, not a face anymore.
20. We know you haven't been living under a rock, but it's the holiday season, so we'll give you an easy one to end today's quiz. Who is the new Batman?
Ben Affleck
Michael Keaton
Adam West
That guy who was in the thing.
By way of explanation.....
Merry Christmas, everyone!

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