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How Well Do You Know: The Hills Have Eyes (1977)
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1. What is the name of the family?
The Steadmans
The Carters
The Wallaces
The Whitworths
2. What are the names of the family dogs?
Tom & Julia
Lucy & Patrick
Steve & Marcy
Beauty & Beast
3. Why are the Carters in the desert?
Wedding anniversary
Mountain climbing
4. What did the desert used to be?
A National Park
A wildlife reserve
A nuclear test site
A bustling tourist town
5. What do the Carters almost hit just before they crash their car?
A hitchhiker
A rabbit
A coyote
A snake
6. How does Beauty, the dog, meet her end?
Heart attack
Falls to her death
Natural causes, of course!
7. Why can't the Carters use their radio?
There is no radio
It's broken
There's too much iron in the hills
The batteries are dead
8. What did Old Fred hit Jupiter with when he was a child?
An empty beer bottle
A tire iron
The butt of a rifle
A piece of cactus
9. Which one of the hill clan dies first?
10. What does Mars steal from the Carter's trailer?
A gun
Their baby
A knife
11. How is Mars injured?
Shot in the stomach
Thrown through a window
Stabbed in the leg with a knife
Hit with a broom
12. How is Pluto killed?
Crushed by a rock
Bitten by Beast
13. How many of the Carters end up surviving?
14. What was the film's original title?
Blood Relations: The Sun War
The Flesh Eaters
Vacation Of Death
The Watchers
15. The film was credited with $25 million at the box office, which was a fair bit back then. What was the film's budget?
16. Michael Berryman, the actor who played Pluto, had a rare medical condition that prevented him from growing hair, fingernails, or sweat glands. What was the name of the condition?
Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia
Jagannathan Syndrome
Dubowitz Syndrome
17. On what date in 1977 was the film released?
December 18
July 22
January 26
March 15
18. During filming, one of the actors was injured so badly, she had to go to the hospital. What cause the injury?
A bullet misfired
She was bitten by a rattlesnake
She suffered a concussion
A squib had too much blasting powder
19. What was the film's rating?

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